Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Labor Day ... and much much more!

So much seems to happen between each post. Life gets busier and busier and posting gets less and less. We have done SO much lately, and I think we need to update you all just a little bit.

Labor Day weekend, my parents traveled to Farmington, New Mexico where my dad went to his 45th High School reunion. They were planning on traveling over to Page after the reunion, but then we decided to meet them in Farmington and explore a new area! Supposedly there was a great golf course in Farmington, and Durango, Colorado (where we had wanted to explore) was only 30 minutes away. Friday evening we went to dinner, and crashed at the hotel, while my parents when to a little get-together. On Saturday, we woke up and mom and I went to the mall. Following that, Adam and my dad picked us up and we drove up to Durango. We walked up and down the main street in the cute little quaint town, where mom and I again went shopping at the little boutiques and Adam and my dad drooled over the Harleys parked outside. (There was a HUGE Harley convention in town that weekend.) It was fun for everyone. We got a quick bite and headed back to Farmington so Adam and dad could go golfing. Mom and I were planning on going shopping, but we were so tired from the day's activities, that we decided to just take a nap. Adam and my dad could only got to play 5 holes because of a nice rain storm, but really enjoyed the course. Adam and I went to dinner, Target, and randomly decided to go bowling, while my parents were at the reunion dinner. It was GREAT!
We headed home Sunday morning so we could go to church, but saw the "four corners" sign on the way and made a 5 mile detour. I had never been there before so we made a quick stop. It was fun to say we had been to four states in one weekend, but kinda a lame little tourist attraction! We made it back just in time for church and relaxed so we were ready to go for Labor Day at the lake.We got a big group of our friends to go to the lake to just relax. One of our friends bought a water trampoline for "the kids". The men had more fun than all of the kids combined. The game: king of the hill. The winner? ADAM!

On September 6th I was asked by my company to attend a small convention in Minnesota at the Mall of America. I was asked to teach two classes and design a make and take for our booth. It was a long couple of days, but I really enjoyed teaching the classes and especially the Mall of America. If you have NEVER been to the Mall of America, I would suggest going! It was SO awesome. There was a HUGE amusement park in the middle of the mall and 4 floors of every store you could imagine. I was a little disappointed there wasn't a Pottery Barn, but it was a place I will look forward to doing to again! Here are some pictures of the classes I taught!

I got home from Minnesota on Monday the 10th and had 4 days to try and relax before I headed off to Las Vegas for another convention. Adam decided that since I had to teach classes on Sunday, that we should make a weekend out of it. We decided to get a hotel room on Friday morning at the New York, New York ... and then my company put us up for Saturday night at the South Point! (Best place to stay in Vegas ... email me if you want the info!) Adam had never been to a show in Vegas, so we went to the Blue Man Group and ate at the Bellagio Buffet on Saturday night. My convention and classes were in the Venician Hotel, so we had a lot of time to spend exploring the hotels on the northern part of the strip. It was a great weekend together!I was supposed to stay until Thursday ... but the convention was slow so they let me go home! I got a WHOLE DAY off today! I worked on my quilt ... (another post for another day) and relaxed!

We are excited that we are now 17 weeks along and only have a few more weeks until we find out the Gender of our new addition. I have actually felt pretty good through the first trimester. I am starting to feel like my tummy is growing more every day! We will keep you updated!