Friday, August 13, 2010

Here's to 2010!

It has been WAY too long since I last updated our family blog, but Adam convinced me that it was time. Although I try to update my private blog often, I choose not to relay all the important, private family details from my life to the public. So for all you great close friends and family, Here are some fun pictures and the latest with our family!

January brought Highland lots of snow. One Saturday morning we woke up to TONS of snow, and so while Chad took a nap Adam shoveled walks and Bryson and I started to make our little snowman. When it came to the time of putting our snowman together, Adam came to the rescue! It was one of those days that you want to freeze in time. Bryson looked out the window everyday, to make sure our snowman was still there. He was so sad when he finally melted!
February brought two exciting holiday's! Bryson turned two years old on February 13th. He got a new train set, some cloths, a basketball hoop, a baseball tee, some balls, his own set of scriptures {read the story here} and of course, a few more Trucks. Bryson loves anything that has to do with trucks and is hilarious on the freeway! Every time a truck passes, Bryce exclaims WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! DA DAT! That means, WHOA mom, look at that truck! I can't believe it has already been two years since his birth. He is becoming such a big boy!Next was Valentine's Day!
Then came March: Adam and I had waited since October for a night like this. I drove up with Tiffany & Devin, (Mandy's sister & Bro-in-law) and met Adam at work. We had dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant in SL called Cafe' Molise, walked Adam's Job site (which was the two buildings directly across from the south entrance of Temple Square), and then to Brian Regan. It was a night to remember. Especially because we laughed so hard that our cheeks still hurt the next day.Spring time also brought a little good weather, so swinging was the next best thing. It was Chad's first time, and he loved it!Next was a long awaited event for Adam. He finally got his RC car! This isn't just any remote control car. It can go up to around 60 mph! Adam LOVES it, Bryson likes it until it gets too close to him, and chad just stares at it like a puppy would. Regardless of the $, I am sure glad that my boys love it!Next was Easter. It was General Conference weekend, so there was lots going on. Chad was sick, we bought a some shelves for our garage and Adam enjoyed putting them together while listening to conference, I was asked to take pictures of my sister's extended family (husband's side) and It was Easter. So many things but so much fun. Chad wasn't really quite sure what to think, however he didn't care much cause the poor little tyke just didn't feel good. Bryce, however, got REALLY excited about the easter egg hunt. We had a little family Easter Egg hunt in the morning, followed by Waffles with fresh strawberries. and another fun Easter egg hunt at Grandma's that afternoon after Conference was over. Rather than give you more than you want to read in one sitting, I will start off my next post with fun things from late spring and this summer. Hopefully this will get you excited for more!!