Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend in St George

So first off, I wish I had a picture, but Adam and I went to St. George and who did we run into? Beth and Raelynn! (Mandys good friends from college). They were in St. George for a wedding and eating at Cafe Rio. I feel so sad that I didn't get to talk more. Adam and I were on our way out to see the Movie Blades of Glory ... But lets do this chronologically shall we?

Okay so I will admit it! I kinda scratched our car good! It wasn't a "fender bender" or even a "reck" but, the damage was enough to need a good fix. Here is the story:

I was in our little "Murray" our car the Murano, and trying to enter our little tiny garage. Well, Murray and the garage got in a little skiff and well, the garage won. So, that is the reason we headed to St. George. Adam's cousin does autobody work in St. George so we are going to have him fix our car.

It worked out that it was spring break for the Schools in Utah County, so Tiff and Devin (Mandy's sister & Bro-in-law) headed down with their friends and kiddo's.. It was SO great to see them. Two months doesn't seem that long for most people, but after seeing how fast those kids grow, it seemed like it was an eternity since we had seen them. We hung out with them on Saturday night then went to Adam's aunts house to stay the night. She is so sweet and even made us a REALLY great breakfast.

Saturday we went again to say hello to the Rhotons, followed by our lunch to the very well craved Cafe Rio, and on to a Matinee to see Blades of Glory. (see the trailer in previous posts)

We again went to hang with the Rhotons. I got to go shopping with my sister and enjoyed being around them. (Me, Brianna my niece, & tiff my sister)

We stayed the night in Kanab, because of a great visit with Adam's high school buddy Tim and his wife Rebecca. We really enjoyed seeing them could have talked all night long!

This weekend wasn't too adventurous, some may say, but at that it was great to spend time with my family and visit a lot of people we hadn't seen in a while!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our Trip to Phoenix

Well we had yet another adventure this weekend. We both needed a break from our "small town" life. Adam called me at 10:00 am on Friday and said where are we going? North or South? We figured since the weather was still great down in Phoenix and not too hot, we would head down that direction to visit Adam's brother Ryan, his wife Debbie, and their three darling kids Cameron, Jackie, and Danaka.

We are so glad we went. It was what we needed! By 12:00 pm on Friday we were out of here and on our way. We got into Phoenix right at 5:00 pm, perfect for five o'clock traffic. You know, I don't think I have ever been so excited for traffic in my life. "People!" I have decided this small town stuff just isn't my style.

So here are some pictures from this weekend. Friday we stayed at Ryan & Debbie's house in Mesa. We went to dinner and played games that night. Saturday we actually slept into 9:00! We were both shocked. Our master bedroom in our condo gets so light in the morning, so we can't sleep past 7:30 am. We got up and drove to Chandler to IKEA!! I was in seventh heaven. Adam just wanted to see this huge building and store that everyone raved about. I don't know if he was as impressed as everyone else is, but still enjoyed most of it. You can do it Utahn's. Only about one month until the one opens in Draper. YIPPEE!!!

Next was eating an In-&-Out burger for my dad. I just LOVE In-&-Out burger. I don't know how much a fan Adam was, but he ate it just for me. On the way home we stopped at Carl's Jr. just so he could get his Western burger. I am not so much a fan! We each got to eat the "burger of our choice".

Next we were going to the Chandler mall and saw a Harley Davidson dealer. There were rows and rows of Harleys outside, so we decided to go and look. I do have to say, it was really enjoyable. It is so much fun to dream!

We went to Chandler mall, went to Potterybarn, Nordstrom, Banana Repbulic, and again ... it was so much fun to dream. We really didn't buy anything special, just had a lot of fun walking around and being around the city folk.

We decided it was getting late and headed back to Mesa. On the way to Ryan & Debbie's house we went by Adam's house that he grew up in, as well as a few different spots of his significant childhood memories. He told me all about their adventures in the "alley" behind their house, showed me where he went off a jump on his bike and broke his tooth, and played tee ball. It was fun to hear him reminisce. It isn't the best of neighborhoods now, so we didn't get out of the car!

The house Adam grew up in

This is Adams Elementary School

It was between these two trees that the fourth graders were to meet the third graders for a fight ... the third graders never showed up. WIMPS! Gotta love being a kid! I think Adam's childhood was more fun than mine :)

Last but not least, we went to my famous Speedway Raceway go-cart driving track in Phoenix. Debbie told us to tend Ryan and take him with us so she could work on her talk for the next day (Sunday). The Speedway is in a warehouse in Phoenix. It is not your typical go-cart. These go about 30 miles an hour, and they are FAST FUN!

We came back, ate a little ice cream, played games till 2:00 am and went to bed. We decided to just go to sacrament meeting so that we could make it home before dark. We had such a great time hanging with Ryan and Debbie and we'll have to go back again soon! We were tired when we got home but had such a blast!
Hope your weekend was enjoyable too!

Adam & Mandy

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Dam" its beautiful!

So here are some pictures from this last weekends' adventures. I know you are going to get a little tired of the "dam" jokes but its really apart of our lives here. I promise, we won't post another "dam" post for a while.

This weekend we went to the "typical dam lookoff" very familiar to all the tourists. We wanted to go before all of the tourists came. They are starting to come, and create a little more of a buzz in this town. To be quite frank, its kinda nice to seem more than your average native, and people at the Page Walmart. It brings some excitement to our lives.

The lookoff was actually really cool. I am glad we went to see it. Okay, there may be one more "Dam" post. That is when we go on a "Dam" tour which we are ultra excited about.

And here is a photo of my hot little husband! Aint he cute! Come on! If you don't have kids, ya gotta brag about somethin'!

Easter was good, nothing too exciting. We went to the "Dam Bar and Grill" for dinner on Saturday night. It actually is the only decent place in town to have a nice steak dinner. I made magnolia bakery cupcakes, Adam watched 2-3 movies. I think I need a vacation from this town before I loose it, but other than that...we are hanging in there. I am finally feeling a little better. We thought that the illness from last week was shingles, but I never broke out in blisters, and the doctors don't know what it is, (nor at this point do I think they care! Small towns! What can I say!) But all in all, I am glad I don't feel like I have a sunburn anymore!

Hope you are well! Feel free to drop us a note, or a package. Excitement for my day is going to the post office. YES we have to go to the post office to get our mail. We don't even have a mail man! So ... Here is our address for all of you out there that want to say hello (not that you couldn't through email, but...who doesn't love packages?)
PO Box 595
Page, AZ 86040

Stay in touch!
Adam & Mandy

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


So pretty much everyone knows that yes I scrapbook for a living, and do some design work too. Lately I have done a few pages so I thought I would post them so you could see!
Hope you enjoy.

This one is of Tiff and her 5 kids. I called tiffany and asked her if she could tell me what her thoughts were when jace was born. It was really cool to hear that the thing that touched her the most was being Grateful. Not the pain, the screaming kids, or even so much as being overwhelmed, but how grateful she was. This will soon be in the Pebbles stores, as well as online.

These pictures were taken by a dear friend of mine from Cortland NY. She is quite a talented photographer, and if anyone wants their picture taken in NY, I would have to say, give her a call. The pictures are of some other friends on mine in Cortland NY. They are the greatest! Thanks Rachel and LeAnn for letting me use the photos! They were pefect for my page!

These pictures are from Adams Graduation last May. Can you believe it has almost been one year since he graduated! WOW time flies when your having fun. (Just so you know Adam C, Brian, Taylor, & Brady, you are famous on a scrapbook page! Ya like that!!)

These are just a few cards that I was asked to do along with my pages. Hope you like them!

For news with Adam and I. I have been a little under the weather, but trying to figure out how to get better. Adam is staying REALLY busy at work. 10 hour days have turned now into 12 hour days. I told him that if it turns into 14 hours a day, I am moving back to Orem! I would probably see him more. No, just joking! We are enjoying the 80 degree weather here, and anticipating all of you coming to visit this summer. Hope you are well! Keep in touch!

Adam & Mandy