Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend in St George

So first off, I wish I had a picture, but Adam and I went to St. George and who did we run into? Beth and Raelynn! (Mandys good friends from college). They were in St. George for a wedding and eating at Cafe Rio. I feel so sad that I didn't get to talk more. Adam and I were on our way out to see the Movie Blades of Glory ... But lets do this chronologically shall we?

Okay so I will admit it! I kinda scratched our car good! It wasn't a "fender bender" or even a "reck" but, the damage was enough to need a good fix. Here is the story:

I was in our little "Murray" our car the Murano, and trying to enter our little tiny garage. Well, Murray and the garage got in a little skiff and well, the garage won. So, that is the reason we headed to St. George. Adam's cousin does autobody work in St. George so we are going to have him fix our car.

It worked out that it was spring break for the Schools in Utah County, so Tiff and Devin (Mandy's sister & Bro-in-law) headed down with their friends and kiddo's.. It was SO great to see them. Two months doesn't seem that long for most people, but after seeing how fast those kids grow, it seemed like it was an eternity since we had seen them. We hung out with them on Saturday night then went to Adam's aunts house to stay the night. She is so sweet and even made us a REALLY great breakfast.

Saturday we went again to say hello to the Rhotons, followed by our lunch to the very well craved Cafe Rio, and on to a Matinee to see Blades of Glory. (see the trailer in previous posts)

We again went to hang with the Rhotons. I got to go shopping with my sister and enjoyed being around them. (Me, Brianna my niece, & tiff my sister)

We stayed the night in Kanab, because of a great visit with Adam's high school buddy Tim and his wife Rebecca. We really enjoyed seeing them could have talked all night long!

This weekend wasn't too adventurous, some may say, but at that it was great to spend time with my family and visit a lot of people we hadn't seen in a while!


Mia said...

Come on Mandy. You crashed the car. Admit it. And aren't you overemphasizing the "little tiny" a bit too much??

Douglass Family said...

It was a nice scratch on the passenger back door. It was raining, my garage is wicked small, and I wasn't being as cautious I should have been. Thankful to Adams cousin, no one will have to see it every time I drive to Utah!

becky said...

how fun that you saw bethy! i'm sure she is looking so cute these days with the belly... sorry about your car!

Granum Family said...

Fun that you got to see Beth! It's always so fun to get away for the weekends! Bummer about the car though!

Heather said...

Hey Mandy, I was in St. George the same weekend! (Went to Cafe Rio too!) Too bad we didn't know, or we could have said hi. :) Glad your car is fixed!

Beth and JC Davis said...

HI Girlie!!! I just found your blog! I love it! I loved seeing you too! We need to get together when we can spend more time hanging out! But hey. . I'll take what I can get! Love ya!