Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The critters are coming out again on the job site since it's warming up. Here's a couple of good snake photos. The first is a small rattle snake and the other's a LARGE gopher snake. I figured I better post this before Mandy gets home from YW and stops me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Wow, we have had such a crazy couple of weeks!

First, Adam's brother Sean and our Sister-in-Law, Sara, came to Kanab. We just spent a week with them in Hawaii, so to our surprise, this was a pretty unexpected trip due to the death of Sara's grandfather. As most of you know, Adam and I met at IHOP, when Sara's father offered to buy my family's dinner if I would go out with Adam. Neither family was expecting to eat at IHOP that night. My family went there for my nephew Jacob's birthday (it was just where he wanted to go), and Sara's family asked grandpa (the one who passed) where he wanted to go for dinner. Grandpa Great mentioned he wanted pancakes, and so that is where they ended up. Adam and I truly believe had it not been for Jacob and Grandpa, neither family would have been there, and we would have never met. Grandpa will always hold a deep place in our heart, and we were honored to attend his serves in Kanab in-between the sessions of conference.

Conference weekend was spent with Adam's family, as mentioned above. Years ago, a BYU Bishop of mine challenged us to prayerfully consider questions we were having in our personal lives. Then ask the Lord to answer those questions through the speakers in conference. I am amazed how each conference each question I have is answered, and I am able to feel the love of the Lord answer those questions that are troubling me. What an amazing conference it was!

This past week I have been experiencing some troubles with my eye site. We are looking into getting some additional tests done to see why this is happening. We will keep you updated on the results. Please keep our family in your prayers.

Last but not least, we had a WONDERFUL Easter Weekend. We have traveled up to Orem to spend Easter with my family for the past couple of years, but because of going to Wicked this upcoming weekend with my family, we decided to spend the weekend home.

Saturday was the Page City Easter Egg hunt. It was really windy and cold, and Bryson was tired, so we were literally there for 15 minutes and left. He did get a few "empty" eggs though. How sad is that! Luckily the poor kid doesn't know that the eggs are supposed to filled with Candy yet. I personally think that Adam and I were more disappointed than Bryce!

Saturday night Adam and I had to attend the Stake Dance to chaperone. The theme was " a little bit of country and a little bit of rock n' roll". I was asked to teach the youth some country dancing. I will tell you what, watching me doing the Cotton-eye Joe 8 months pregnant was entertainment in and of itself. We got home at about 1:00 am and were exhausted! On Easter morning I had to be to ward council at 7:00 am, Adam had to get Bryce ready by himself. I taught a combined lesson in YW/YM ... then sang in sacrament meeting. Needless to say, I was SO tired when I got home.

After church and Bryson's nap, we gave Bryson his Easter basket. Since he doesn't really eat candy yet, we got him some bubbles, a kite, and a little fuzzy duck. He just loved them! He was much happier than on Saturday, so we enjoyed the beautiful weather outside and did our own egg hunt and showed Bryson how to blow bubbles and hunt for eggs!

We also made our own traditional Easter dinner including Funeral Potatoes, Ham, and some fresh fruit. We enjoyed watching a few movies together and relaxing. Right before the sun went down, we took advantage of the cool breeze and went to the park to fly Bryson's new kite. We sure enjoyed the day and hope you enjoy the fun pictures we took.

We head up to Orem tomorrow and will be sure to update you on our fun weekend events!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Adam and I got the opportunity through some friends/family to go to Hawaii for a week. It was a spur of the moment vacation, especially because it was getting close to my last days of traveling pregnant, but we decided to go. (I am currently 29 weeks!)

We drove to Utah on Friday the 20th and stayed with my parents for a few days. It was a perfect amount of time for Bryson to become reacquainted with grandma and grandpa before we left him for a week.

On Sunday morning we were packing up to leave for the airport and got a call that our flight got canceled and the flight that they put us on was for the next day! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! AN ENTIRE DAY ... That wasn't going to fly with me. So after getting hung up on 2 times by Delta Supervisors, I finally got somewhere and about an hour later we were headed for the airport to catch our flight. Isn't it sad that you have to be firm to get your way sometimes! I sure hate it.

We flew to Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, and rented a silver Mustang convertible. Hey if you're going to do a trip to Hawaii, you might as well do it right! We stayed at the Hilton Wikoloa Village Resort. IT WAS UNREAL!!! We had a little get-together that evening with Adam's brother Sean and his in-laws ... then off to sleep. We both woke up at 4:30 am ... our time 7:30 am ... but managed to sleep a little longer and start our tropical vacation! (The first picture above is our view from our balcony.)

Rather than bore you all with a bunch of details that you probably don't care about, I will give you a little list of things we did:
Took a trip to Costco to get food for breakfasts and lunch (food at the resort was WAY expensive).
Visited a different beach every day that was near the resort
Toured the island and saw an active volcano as well as a black sand beach
Swam & Kayaked in the resort lagoon that was open to the ocean with sea turtles and eels.
Adam snorkeled every day including two excursions. One at night to swim with the Mantas and another during the day in the middle of the ocean ... which ended up being better whale watching than snorkeling
I visited a local cafe for Breakfast one morning with my sister-in-law Sara while Adam went snorkling. All I can say is Hawaiian Sweet Bread french toast with coconut syrup! It changed my life!
We had a few good laughs at Mandy's horrible sunscreen job ... (lets just say that my feet looked like I had a disease!)
Got $1 ice cream cones each afternoon at the ice cream social. Ummm Macadamia Nut Ice Cream!
Paid $17 each for a hamburger at the resort ... yeah ... now you know why we went to Costco!
Walked what seemed like 10 miles each day because we were too impatient to take the tram around the resort
Attended an incredible Luau
Enjoyed one last vacation before our new little guy comes. It was SUCH a blast!