Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Wow, we have had such a crazy couple of weeks!

First, Adam's brother Sean and our Sister-in-Law, Sara, came to Kanab. We just spent a week with them in Hawaii, so to our surprise, this was a pretty unexpected trip due to the death of Sara's grandfather. As most of you know, Adam and I met at IHOP, when Sara's father offered to buy my family's dinner if I would go out with Adam. Neither family was expecting to eat at IHOP that night. My family went there for my nephew Jacob's birthday (it was just where he wanted to go), and Sara's family asked grandpa (the one who passed) where he wanted to go for dinner. Grandpa Great mentioned he wanted pancakes, and so that is where they ended up. Adam and I truly believe had it not been for Jacob and Grandpa, neither family would have been there, and we would have never met. Grandpa will always hold a deep place in our heart, and we were honored to attend his serves in Kanab in-between the sessions of conference.

Conference weekend was spent with Adam's family, as mentioned above. Years ago, a BYU Bishop of mine challenged us to prayerfully consider questions we were having in our personal lives. Then ask the Lord to answer those questions through the speakers in conference. I am amazed how each conference each question I have is answered, and I am able to feel the love of the Lord answer those questions that are troubling me. What an amazing conference it was!

This past week I have been experiencing some troubles with my eye site. We are looking into getting some additional tests done to see why this is happening. We will keep you updated on the results. Please keep our family in your prayers.

Last but not least, we had a WONDERFUL Easter Weekend. We have traveled up to Orem to spend Easter with my family for the past couple of years, but because of going to Wicked this upcoming weekend with my family, we decided to spend the weekend home.

Saturday was the Page City Easter Egg hunt. It was really windy and cold, and Bryson was tired, so we were literally there for 15 minutes and left. He did get a few "empty" eggs though. How sad is that! Luckily the poor kid doesn't know that the eggs are supposed to filled with Candy yet. I personally think that Adam and I were more disappointed than Bryce!

Saturday night Adam and I had to attend the Stake Dance to chaperone. The theme was " a little bit of country and a little bit of rock n' roll". I was asked to teach the youth some country dancing. I will tell you what, watching me doing the Cotton-eye Joe 8 months pregnant was entertainment in and of itself. We got home at about 1:00 am and were exhausted! On Easter morning I had to be to ward council at 7:00 am, Adam had to get Bryce ready by himself. I taught a combined lesson in YW/YM ... then sang in sacrament meeting. Needless to say, I was SO tired when I got home.

After church and Bryson's nap, we gave Bryson his Easter basket. Since he doesn't really eat candy yet, we got him some bubbles, a kite, and a little fuzzy duck. He just loved them! He was much happier than on Saturday, so we enjoyed the beautiful weather outside and did our own egg hunt and showed Bryson how to blow bubbles and hunt for eggs!

We also made our own traditional Easter dinner including Funeral Potatoes, Ham, and some fresh fruit. We enjoyed watching a few movies together and relaxing. Right before the sun went down, we took advantage of the cool breeze and went to the park to fly Bryson's new kite. We sure enjoyed the day and hope you enjoy the fun pictures we took.

We head up to Orem tomorrow and will be sure to update you on our fun weekend events!


Ashley said...

Cute pictures! Bryson is such a cutie! My friend Jamie gets problems with her eyesight during pregnancy. Prior to getting pregnant she had the laser surgery and didn't need glasses/contacts anymore but during both pregnancies had to wear glasses again. Her eyesight didn't go back to completely normal after but good enough to not really wear glasses. When she is done with all her kids, she's planning to have the laser surgery again. Crazy what pregnancy can do to you? After labor, I had a blurry eye for 2 months (due to it being stuck open from the bells palsy) then it just went away.
I hope it all gets better! Love ya!

The Clarkson Family said...

Mandy, I love peeking in on your life and checking out both blogs once-in-a-while. You are superwoman! How do you do all that you do? You must never sleep....
Your trip to Hawaii looks like a blast, and Easter looks like it was so much fun too! Bryson is getting so big and he is so cute!

Heather B said...

Wow, Hawaii looks amazing. I have a very similar picture of me in a kayak, 7 months pregnant. :) I hope things are okay with your eyesight...keep us posted.

Robertson Family said...

Cute pictures Mandy! I hope that your eyes are okay! I will keep you in my prayers. That is so scary! I can't believe you are due so soon! You look awesome Mandy!! Hawaii??? You lucky girl! It looks like it was a ton of fun!

ricksdl said...

Very cute bubble picture!