Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Festival

Since Maria and Doug aren't around this year to throw an amazing Halloween party, we had to find our own fun Halloween festivities. We decided during the day to relax and do something fun together. Adam really wanted to Golf, and believe it or not, I have never been. I really wasn't up to golfing, considering there is a big belly in the way ... so I just decided to be his "caddy" and golf cart driver.

The Lake Powell Golf Course is SO beautiful. It is right on the edge of Page, and has a GREAT view of the Dam and Lake Powell. One of the holes you have to hit the ball from the top of the cliff to the green below (probably a drop of about 150 feet). Well the green below was a little damp, and if you can see in the picture, the ball sunk into the green over halfway! It made us both laugh so we had to take a pict!

I have to say, that my first day golfing was quite fun. I think the baby liked it too!

Next we met up with our friends and went to the FAMOUS Pumpkin festival in the city park. The elementary schools carve the pumpkins all week, and then they are lit at night for display. I guess it has been a lot better in the past, but we thought it was pretty fun. Kinda festive for the time of year, and something to do on a Saturday night!

We hope you had a great weekend too ... more picts to come for Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hey everyone,

Occasionally for American Crafts I am asked to submit projects using our products. Not only was the project below published in the Nov 2007 issue of Paper Crafts Magazine, but they also decided to feature it on their website. Here is the link to the project, and a picture! Hope you like it!

Monday, October 15, 2007

IT'S A ...

As some of you many know, Adam and I are in out 21st week and finally went to the Doctor today to see what we are having ... Well before I excite you with the news, we better catch up!

First, we had a ward camp out in Utah (okay so in Church Wells, about 20 minutes away. Before the camp out, Adam and I had to set up our new tent to seal all of the seams so that if it rained, we wouldn't get wet. What we didn't realize is that our it would feel up our entire front room!

Following setting up the tent was actually camping. We went with a lot friends so it was fun!

We went up to my parents house for General Conference weekend. Other than conference, Adam got to go to Cabelas with my dad and I got to go to Salt Lake with my sisters during the priesthood session. It was a nice relaxing weekend. My sister Marney is pregnant with her fourth and is 8 weeks behind me. We are so excited to have kids the same age.

This past weekend we went to Kanab to hang out with Adam's parents and see his brother who came up from Mesa, AZ with his family. I don't know if I have mentioned it yet, but there are three of us sisters-in-law that are pregnant right now. We are all due within weeks of each other!

Okay, I know I have gone on long enough and you're ready to find out what our little friend is going to be ... After weeks of wonder ... Adam got his wish! We are having a BOY! Though I am still not convinced that we are going to name him "Durram-max" after a diesel truck, I am excited too! It will be so fun to have an older brother for the rest of our little friends!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So I know, it is WAY to early to start thinking about Christmas, but if you are like me, I leave things until last minute and then stress myself out. I found this post today on Good Things Utah's website that will give you some GREAT ideas to start doing those fun neighborhood gifts. A lot of them were ones I had never heard of. Since non of us really live near each other, it won't matter if we use the same ones right?

Happy Holiday Planning!