Monday, December 10, 2007

7 Months!

So I have had TONS of requests for a pregnant belly pict ... so here it is folks! Hope you like!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas is coming

I think I start out every post on our blog, apologizing because I haven't updated.

Lets see a review starting with the present!

Adam and I are a little sad we aren't in Utah, enjoying the snow and the beautiful lights at temple square, so we decided to bring a "Temple square" tree to our house.

Okay, so it was 1050 lights and we didn't even light up the entire tree, but it was worth a shot! We haven't decided if we want to spend another 2 1/2 hours on it again this Saturday!

We celebrated two events on Thanksgiving weekend!

We spent Thanksgiving day with Adam's family in Kanab. The only ones that came to the Douglass's this year were Adam's
parents, Grandma White, Jarrett, Jessica, & Chance, and Adam & I. It was small in the crowd of people this year, but really nice to enjoy the food and visit with everyone. Unfortunately, Adam spent most of the day not feeling well. Poor guy! He barley ate anything for Thanksgiving dinner.
The girls spent most of the day in the kitchen, making the yummy food. (PS Maria, that salad was a HIT! Definitely one I will keep on my Thanksgiving menu in the future!) The boys enjoyed Ping Pong Tournaments and building shelves in the new closets down stairs. (Adam's parents are finishing their basement).

On the day after Thanksgiving we headed up to Provo where we got to say hello to Sean & Sara (Adam's bro & sister-in-law) and meet his new niece Stella! They were visiting Sara's family from Seattle! It was so great to see them. We miss them so much!
One of the main reasons we headed up to Provo was because my two nephews are headed out this week to their missions! Brandon (left) is Headed to the England London South Mission and Tyson (right) is headed to the Via Del Mar, Chile Mission. We are so proud of them! It was so hard to say goodbye for two years ... those boys are like little brothers to me, but I hope they know how much we love them!

While we were together as the "FULL Dudley family" for the last time, we tried to take a few family picts! The boys goofed off (as usual) but these pictures ended up being our favorite!

We have to find a few fun things to do with this great weather we have down here, so Adam and I took out the Rhinos one Saturday by his job site to look at all of the beautiful scenery. I may be 6 months pregnant, but that isn't going to stop me!

Last but not least, a friend of ours brought us some GREAT apples from Utah, and so I HAD to make an apple pie. I was really excited that it turned out, so I had to post a pict! I swear this pregnancy thing has really done something to my sweet tooth! YIKES!

I am sure we will have lots of more pictures to show you in the next little bit with Christmas coming. I will be sure to post a "Sixth Month" belly picture soon for all the requests!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


So Adam and I didn't dress up for Halloween this year. We did in fact carve pumpkins, and I was going to take a pict with them lit up on Halloween, but they wilted and looked HORRIBLE so we threw them away! Sorry folks!

Some of you may know that my sister Tiffany's Birthday is on Halloween. Every year I can remember our family tradition has been that we would all go trick-or-treating and come back to my moms house for soup. Well I was a little sad I would miss out on the Dudley family soup party this year, so I decided to throw my own. We invited a couple of friends over and had soup, homemade root beer, and watched the movie "The Private Eyes" (funniest movie in the world with Don Knotts and Tim Conaway, really hard to find but so hilarious!)

We were so excited that we would live in a place for trick-or-treaters to come this year. In fact I bought the "good" candy so people would want to come to our house next year. Sad as it was, the only trick-or-treaters we got were the kids of the friends that came for soup. We were SO disappointed. Our friends weren't though. They were excited for the treats for the movie!

So I was trying to decide what to put on our blog for a fun Halloween treat for you, and decided I would post the soup recipes I made that night. They were a HUGE hit! Hope you enjoy them :) PS the pictures are just for effect! I got them off Google!

(My mom, sisters, and I have all tried NUMEROUS Chicken noodle soup recipes and this is the best we have found!)

2 Quarts of Water
2 Chicken Breasts
1 Chicken Bullion Cube
1 Medium Onion Diced
2 Stalks of Celery Chopped
1 Cup grated Carrots (I buy the pre-grated ones for time)

Boil these ingredients together for anywhere from a half hour to an hour. The longer you go ... the more tender the chicken and more flavorful soup!

After the Chicken is cooked through, take it out and shred it. Then stick it back in the stock and add the following ingredients:

1 Can Cream of Chicken
1 Package of Shilling or McCormick Chicken Gravy Powder
Salt and Pepper to Taste
1/2 Bag of Klusky Noodles (You get these in the freezer section of the Grocery store. They are like homemade noodles)

Cook until the noodles are done (about 20 Minutes)

From the Kitchen of Ashley Earl McCulloch

1 onion chopped
1 big carrot grated
3 TBSP butter
2-15 oz cans of stewed chopped tomatoes
1/4 cup fresh basil (TBSP if dried)
1 TSP sugar
1/2 TSP salt
1/8 TSP pepper
2 C. Chicken Broth (one can)
3-5 T of Acini di pepe pasta

Saute onion and carrot in butter in a medium sauce pan until onion is transparent.

Add tomatoes, basil, sugar, salt, & pepper
Bring to a Boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 Minutes
Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth.

In another saucepan:
Bring Chicken broth to a boil and add Acini di pepe pasta. Boil until done (about 7 minutes)
Add all ingredients together.

I love this soup almost as much as I love Adam!
From the kitchen of Suzy Dudley

2 Cups of Potaoes, diced
1 Small onion diced fine
2 Stalks of celery diced fine

Cover vegetables with water and cook until tender (15 minutes)
Don't cook too long or they will be Mushy!

Meanwhile in another pan:
1/2 square of butter - Melt
1 Can evaporated milk (Place in a 1 quart jar and fill with water)
After you have made that mixture of Milk - Set aside 1 cup.
Wisk together the 1 cup of milk mixture and 2/3 cup of flour.

Add the Jar of milk mixture and butter together. Then add milk mixture and flour.
Stir until it starts to thicken, Add 1 package "cheese powder" (from package of Krft Macaroni and cheese)
Stir until dissolved.
1 TSP salt (Maybe more)
Pepper to taste

Taste cream mixture and add salt & pepper to your taste. Then add vegetables, water and all to he cream mixture!

Last but not least, feel free to email me with questions or call!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Festival

Since Maria and Doug aren't around this year to throw an amazing Halloween party, we had to find our own fun Halloween festivities. We decided during the day to relax and do something fun together. Adam really wanted to Golf, and believe it or not, I have never been. I really wasn't up to golfing, considering there is a big belly in the way ... so I just decided to be his "caddy" and golf cart driver.

The Lake Powell Golf Course is SO beautiful. It is right on the edge of Page, and has a GREAT view of the Dam and Lake Powell. One of the holes you have to hit the ball from the top of the cliff to the green below (probably a drop of about 150 feet). Well the green below was a little damp, and if you can see in the picture, the ball sunk into the green over halfway! It made us both laugh so we had to take a pict!

I have to say, that my first day golfing was quite fun. I think the baby liked it too!

Next we met up with our friends and went to the FAMOUS Pumpkin festival in the city park. The elementary schools carve the pumpkins all week, and then they are lit at night for display. I guess it has been a lot better in the past, but we thought it was pretty fun. Kinda festive for the time of year, and something to do on a Saturday night!

We hope you had a great weekend too ... more picts to come for Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hey everyone,

Occasionally for American Crafts I am asked to submit projects using our products. Not only was the project below published in the Nov 2007 issue of Paper Crafts Magazine, but they also decided to feature it on their website. Here is the link to the project, and a picture! Hope you like it!

Monday, October 15, 2007

IT'S A ...

As some of you many know, Adam and I are in out 21st week and finally went to the Doctor today to see what we are having ... Well before I excite you with the news, we better catch up!

First, we had a ward camp out in Utah (okay so in Church Wells, about 20 minutes away. Before the camp out, Adam and I had to set up our new tent to seal all of the seams so that if it rained, we wouldn't get wet. What we didn't realize is that our it would feel up our entire front room!

Following setting up the tent was actually camping. We went with a lot friends so it was fun!

We went up to my parents house for General Conference weekend. Other than conference, Adam got to go to Cabelas with my dad and I got to go to Salt Lake with my sisters during the priesthood session. It was a nice relaxing weekend. My sister Marney is pregnant with her fourth and is 8 weeks behind me. We are so excited to have kids the same age.

This past weekend we went to Kanab to hang out with Adam's parents and see his brother who came up from Mesa, AZ with his family. I don't know if I have mentioned it yet, but there are three of us sisters-in-law that are pregnant right now. We are all due within weeks of each other!

Okay, I know I have gone on long enough and you're ready to find out what our little friend is going to be ... After weeks of wonder ... Adam got his wish! We are having a BOY! Though I am still not convinced that we are going to name him "Durram-max" after a diesel truck, I am excited too! It will be so fun to have an older brother for the rest of our little friends!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So I know, it is WAY to early to start thinking about Christmas, but if you are like me, I leave things until last minute and then stress myself out. I found this post today on Good Things Utah's website that will give you some GREAT ideas to start doing those fun neighborhood gifts. A lot of them were ones I had never heard of. Since non of us really live near each other, it won't matter if we use the same ones right?

Happy Holiday Planning!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Labor Day ... and much much more!

So much seems to happen between each post. Life gets busier and busier and posting gets less and less. We have done SO much lately, and I think we need to update you all just a little bit.

Labor Day weekend, my parents traveled to Farmington, New Mexico where my dad went to his 45th High School reunion. They were planning on traveling over to Page after the reunion, but then we decided to meet them in Farmington and explore a new area! Supposedly there was a great golf course in Farmington, and Durango, Colorado (where we had wanted to explore) was only 30 minutes away. Friday evening we went to dinner, and crashed at the hotel, while my parents when to a little get-together. On Saturday, we woke up and mom and I went to the mall. Following that, Adam and my dad picked us up and we drove up to Durango. We walked up and down the main street in the cute little quaint town, where mom and I again went shopping at the little boutiques and Adam and my dad drooled over the Harleys parked outside. (There was a HUGE Harley convention in town that weekend.) It was fun for everyone. We got a quick bite and headed back to Farmington so Adam and dad could go golfing. Mom and I were planning on going shopping, but we were so tired from the day's activities, that we decided to just take a nap. Adam and my dad could only got to play 5 holes because of a nice rain storm, but really enjoyed the course. Adam and I went to dinner, Target, and randomly decided to go bowling, while my parents were at the reunion dinner. It was GREAT!
We headed home Sunday morning so we could go to church, but saw the "four corners" sign on the way and made a 5 mile detour. I had never been there before so we made a quick stop. It was fun to say we had been to four states in one weekend, but kinda a lame little tourist attraction! We made it back just in time for church and relaxed so we were ready to go for Labor Day at the lake.We got a big group of our friends to go to the lake to just relax. One of our friends bought a water trampoline for "the kids". The men had more fun than all of the kids combined. The game: king of the hill. The winner? ADAM!

On September 6th I was asked by my company to attend a small convention in Minnesota at the Mall of America. I was asked to teach two classes and design a make and take for our booth. It was a long couple of days, but I really enjoyed teaching the classes and especially the Mall of America. If you have NEVER been to the Mall of America, I would suggest going! It was SO awesome. There was a HUGE amusement park in the middle of the mall and 4 floors of every store you could imagine. I was a little disappointed there wasn't a Pottery Barn, but it was a place I will look forward to doing to again! Here are some pictures of the classes I taught!

I got home from Minnesota on Monday the 10th and had 4 days to try and relax before I headed off to Las Vegas for another convention. Adam decided that since I had to teach classes on Sunday, that we should make a weekend out of it. We decided to get a hotel room on Friday morning at the New York, New York ... and then my company put us up for Saturday night at the South Point! (Best place to stay in Vegas ... email me if you want the info!) Adam had never been to a show in Vegas, so we went to the Blue Man Group and ate at the Bellagio Buffet on Saturday night. My convention and classes were in the Venician Hotel, so we had a lot of time to spend exploring the hotels on the northern part of the strip. It was a great weekend together!I was supposed to stay until Thursday ... but the convention was slow so they let me go home! I got a WHOLE DAY off today! I worked on my quilt ... (another post for another day) and relaxed!

We are excited that we are now 17 weeks along and only have a few more weeks until we find out the Gender of our new addition. I have actually felt pretty good through the first trimester. I am starting to feel like my tummy is growing more every day! We will keep you updated!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So a few of you may already know, but for those who don't ...
What a journey it has been to be able to have a little one on the way ... but we are confident that things are looking good with this one. We got a few pictures yesterday. Today we are 14 weeks along and will find out the Gender on Oct 15th. The doctor gave me a due date of Feb 26th!
We are so excited and can't wait for our new arrival!

This next picture was from when we were 10 weeks. We liked it better than the one we got yesterday.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello Again!

It seems like a week, turns into two weeks, and now here I am three weeks later, updating you once again on our lives. First off, Adam and I have officially been married 2 years! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

For our First Anniversary we went to Grand America to have a romantic evening! We would recommend it to anybody!

I don't know how it happened, but somewhere there was an agreement to switch off years planning the Anniversary. SO ... being that we have been EXTREMELY busy ... I didn't get much time to plan. I did however make arrangements to go to a little bed and breakfast in St. George. It is called the Green Gate Village. It's made up of the oldest homes in St. George. We stayed in the Christmas Cottage (Not as Christmasy as you may think it would be). We had our own little cottage.

It had a great king sized bed, a hot tub, and a little living room. It was just perfect, and I can see us going back there for another special occasion! First we went to dinner at Olive Garden. (trust me ... because there are really only 2 main restaurants in Page ... Olive Garden was exciting to say the least!) Sad to say, the last two weeks have knocked us out so bad, that we fell asleep at 8:00 pm. (you would think we would have been married 10 years already!) We had a great breakfast in the Lobby / house and headed to do a session in the St. George Temple. I don't think I can think of a better way to spend an Anniversary. We finished off our day with seeing Rush hour 3 (HILARIOUS!) We headed home that day after running a few short errands and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing.

Our second year was as amazing as the first. We are so blessed to be together. It seemed like yesterday we were at IHOP ... but I can say that I am more in love with this man than I ever have been, and hope that we continue to grow that love through years and years to come.

I am a little late posting our team picture of our co-ed softball team, but just wanted to give a shout out to the KNIGHT SERVICES team for an outstanding season!

Last but not least, Adams brother and sister in law gave birth to our new little niece Stella! She sure is a doll, and I happened to be up in Utah the day she was born. MAN WAS SHE DARLING! We are so excited to welcome another Douglass in the Family!

We are hoping that the end of the summer will bring more fun adventures. I have a trip in a few weeks to Minnesota and a week following that is Las Vegas for another convention. I am really hoping that I won't have to travel for a while after I get done with that!

Adam wanted to leave you with a picture of the local wildlife we came home to a few nights ago! He happened to make an appearance on our door step. Don't worry, he isn't poisonous!

Friday, August 3, 2007

I'M Fired!

I am officially fired for not posting on our blog this past month. Once I give you the low-down on what we have been up to, I am sure you will understand.

Some of you may or may not have heard about Adam's brother Sheldon passing away. He was 29 years old. He and his wife Milka lived with their four kids in Kanab, Utah. It was a very sudden passing. He had a knee injury from high school and had re-injured it exercising a few weeks ago. I guess the re-injury made his body form blood clots in his knee which quickly traveled to his lungs. They life-flighted him into St. George so they could do surgery but he never made it into surgery. His heart had to work to hard to help him breath, and after a while his body shut down. He passed away on July 24 at 5:30 pm.

The funeral was very beautiful. Here is a picture of his wife Milka. She was explaining to her kids that they were to get a flower to put on the grave site.

We are so grateful for the Gospel ... and for the comfort it has been to our family. It is so hard as it is to see someone you love leave this life, but we know that the Lord's timing is different than ours. What may not make sense right now, will all be understood someday. We appreciate all of your emails, cards, calls, and prayers. You sure have all been a strength to Adam and I during this difficult time.

We have done a lot of fun things this past month too, so we thought we would post those fun events!

Starting this past week. I was asked to go to Cleveland, Ohio for a day trip on July 30-31st to film a product demonstration video for a chain store back east. It is called AC Moore. Here is the link to the one I did two years ago right after Adam and I got married.
(I say "thats right" way too much ... I know :)

Previous to our week in Kanab, I was in Chicago for another convention. I was able to meet up with Adam's youngest brother and his wife to eat dinner. It was a GREAT to see them. Adam wasn't able to come with me this time, but his entire family made it to Kanab for the funeral to be together, so he was also able to see Josh and Kalie this month.

My boss also bought all of us who went to the convention tickets to the broadway musical, "WICKED". It was the most incredible broadway I have ever seen. It was funny, and touching. If you have never seen Wicked, or know nothing about it, you really need to look it up and see it! I heard it was coming to Utah in 2009, so keep your eye out!

Previous to Chicago, Adam's friend from High School, Tim Clarkson, his wife Rebecca, and their three kids invited us to a cabin in Johnson Canyon (near Kanab, UT). He is a real estate agent and was "showing" the cabin to potential buyers. He asked the owner if we could come up and stay the night and the owner agreed. (and no we are not even looking at any cabins to buy ... just to clarify!)

On the way up, we accidently herded goats. Every time we honked our horn, they would start running. It was a hoot!

In the middle of the night Adam and I heard a really LOW gruff voice yell, "HELLO? WHO IS THERE? HELLO?". Adam and I replied that we were there with Tim. Tim woke up and explained who he was. I guess he was the owners brother and had come to stay there from Vegas for the night. The owner didn't communicate to him, I guess, that we would all be there. It gave us a fun memory to laugh at to say the least!

The following pictures are above the cabin overlooking the Pink Cliffs (near Bryce Canyon).

We left the cabin on Saturday morning, so we could finally have a Saturday at home and paint our house. Adam decided to have a little fun on the wall before we painted over it. I haven't taken pictures of the finished product yet, but that will be something to look forward to on the blog!

That same weekend we went to help a friend work on their new house.

While we were helping them, they showed us their little friend who decided to join them in their new home. This is supposedly a small one compared to some that people have seen in Page!

We also found a little friend outside of our garage. We named him Freddy ... Freddy the Frog.

The week before that was the Fourth of July. Adam and I were up in Utah for work the two days before the Fourth of July. We were also asked to come back up the following Monday in Provo for work meetings again. It was really tiring but we did get to do a few fun things!

First, we were one of the few cars that made it through the wildfire that swept through central Utah. This was on Friday June 29th. It was really sad to see all of the burned areas!!

Then we got to spend Saturday evening (June 30) at Riverside Country Club with my brothers family, who has taken over a membership while his friend has temporarily moved away. There were so many pictures to choose from, but these were our favorites. We had a swim and BBQ Party. It was so fun to get together with everyone.

Just a few more things I promise!

Adam and I spent the morning of the fourth in Kanab watching the parade with his family. Then went and grabbed some lunch with his parents, and headed back to Page.

On June 22-23 Adam and I were asked to travel with the youth of our Stake up to Manti for Youth Conference. We met at the church on Friday at 7 am and drove to Cove Fort. Neither of us had ever seen Cove Fort, nor had we seen the Joseph Smith movie, so it was a great experience to see both. We were glad to see Cove Fort before everything around it was burned by the fire. We are just amazed that Cove Fort didn't burn!

After Cove Fort we went to Richfield, Utah to play games, and take a break. Then we headed to the Manti Pageant. I am not a huge fan of the Pageant but that is just me! The kids seemed to enjoy it, and people were shocked when we told them we drove from Arizona to see it! After the Pageant we drove ALL the way back home that night on a bus. We arrived at 4:30 am, had a testimony meeting and ate breakfast. We got a great nap that day and returned that night at 9 pm for the Luau Dance! It was a fun filled weekend to say the least!

Well that is all for now folks! We have had such a busy summer, but glad we were able to fill it with fun activities, family and friends! We love you all!
Adam and Mandy