Friday, August 3, 2007

I'M Fired!

I am officially fired for not posting on our blog this past month. Once I give you the low-down on what we have been up to, I am sure you will understand.

Some of you may or may not have heard about Adam's brother Sheldon passing away. He was 29 years old. He and his wife Milka lived with their four kids in Kanab, Utah. It was a very sudden passing. He had a knee injury from high school and had re-injured it exercising a few weeks ago. I guess the re-injury made his body form blood clots in his knee which quickly traveled to his lungs. They life-flighted him into St. George so they could do surgery but he never made it into surgery. His heart had to work to hard to help him breath, and after a while his body shut down. He passed away on July 24 at 5:30 pm.

The funeral was very beautiful. Here is a picture of his wife Milka. She was explaining to her kids that they were to get a flower to put on the grave site.

We are so grateful for the Gospel ... and for the comfort it has been to our family. It is so hard as it is to see someone you love leave this life, but we know that the Lord's timing is different than ours. What may not make sense right now, will all be understood someday. We appreciate all of your emails, cards, calls, and prayers. You sure have all been a strength to Adam and I during this difficult time.

We have done a lot of fun things this past month too, so we thought we would post those fun events!

Starting this past week. I was asked to go to Cleveland, Ohio for a day trip on July 30-31st to film a product demonstration video for a chain store back east. It is called AC Moore. Here is the link to the one I did two years ago right after Adam and I got married.
(I say "thats right" way too much ... I know :)

Previous to our week in Kanab, I was in Chicago for another convention. I was able to meet up with Adam's youngest brother and his wife to eat dinner. It was a GREAT to see them. Adam wasn't able to come with me this time, but his entire family made it to Kanab for the funeral to be together, so he was also able to see Josh and Kalie this month.

My boss also bought all of us who went to the convention tickets to the broadway musical, "WICKED". It was the most incredible broadway I have ever seen. It was funny, and touching. If you have never seen Wicked, or know nothing about it, you really need to look it up and see it! I heard it was coming to Utah in 2009, so keep your eye out!

Previous to Chicago, Adam's friend from High School, Tim Clarkson, his wife Rebecca, and their three kids invited us to a cabin in Johnson Canyon (near Kanab, UT). He is a real estate agent and was "showing" the cabin to potential buyers. He asked the owner if we could come up and stay the night and the owner agreed. (and no we are not even looking at any cabins to buy ... just to clarify!)

On the way up, we accidently herded goats. Every time we honked our horn, they would start running. It was a hoot!

In the middle of the night Adam and I heard a really LOW gruff voice yell, "HELLO? WHO IS THERE? HELLO?". Adam and I replied that we were there with Tim. Tim woke up and explained who he was. I guess he was the owners brother and had come to stay there from Vegas for the night. The owner didn't communicate to him, I guess, that we would all be there. It gave us a fun memory to laugh at to say the least!

The following pictures are above the cabin overlooking the Pink Cliffs (near Bryce Canyon).

We left the cabin on Saturday morning, so we could finally have a Saturday at home and paint our house. Adam decided to have a little fun on the wall before we painted over it. I haven't taken pictures of the finished product yet, but that will be something to look forward to on the blog!

That same weekend we went to help a friend work on their new house.

While we were helping them, they showed us their little friend who decided to join them in their new home. This is supposedly a small one compared to some that people have seen in Page!

We also found a little friend outside of our garage. We named him Freddy ... Freddy the Frog.

The week before that was the Fourth of July. Adam and I were up in Utah for work the two days before the Fourth of July. We were also asked to come back up the following Monday in Provo for work meetings again. It was really tiring but we did get to do a few fun things!

First, we were one of the few cars that made it through the wildfire that swept through central Utah. This was on Friday June 29th. It was really sad to see all of the burned areas!!

Then we got to spend Saturday evening (June 30) at Riverside Country Club with my brothers family, who has taken over a membership while his friend has temporarily moved away. There were so many pictures to choose from, but these were our favorites. We had a swim and BBQ Party. It was so fun to get together with everyone.

Just a few more things I promise!

Adam and I spent the morning of the fourth in Kanab watching the parade with his family. Then went and grabbed some lunch with his parents, and headed back to Page.

On June 22-23 Adam and I were asked to travel with the youth of our Stake up to Manti for Youth Conference. We met at the church on Friday at 7 am and drove to Cove Fort. Neither of us had ever seen Cove Fort, nor had we seen the Joseph Smith movie, so it was a great experience to see both. We were glad to see Cove Fort before everything around it was burned by the fire. We are just amazed that Cove Fort didn't burn!

After Cove Fort we went to Richfield, Utah to play games, and take a break. Then we headed to the Manti Pageant. I am not a huge fan of the Pageant but that is just me! The kids seemed to enjoy it, and people were shocked when we told them we drove from Arizona to see it! After the Pageant we drove ALL the way back home that night on a bus. We arrived at 4:30 am, had a testimony meeting and ate breakfast. We got a great nap that day and returned that night at 9 pm for the Luau Dance! It was a fun filled weekend to say the least!

Well that is all for now folks! We have had such a busy summer, but glad we were able to fill it with fun activities, family and friends! We love you all!
Adam and Mandy


becky said...

you are not fired! i'm so sorry for everything that you and adam have been through! i pray that you and your families will feel the comfort and peace the He wants you to have. it's not easy...and they'll be hard days ahead, i know this first hand, but you guys are amazing and i know you can get through it! i love you guys and it was great to talk to you a couple days ago...

Caroline said...

so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law.

It was fun seeing you at Heidi's wedding!

Heather said...

WOAH, that was a lot of stuff, it's good to have you back. I'm SO sorry to hear about Adam's brother, and I hope they are doing okay.

Also, Wicked is the greatest thing I've ever seen, I think my blood is green now I love it so much and my whole family listens to the soundtrack nonstop.

I think there was something else, but I forgot...well, loved the update and the pictures.

Mia said...

I really didn't expect a post for awhile until things settled down. I had only heard about Adam's brother last week and was heart-broken to hear about him. I am also glad about our testimonies of the gospel so that we have comfort during these terrible times. Our prayers are with you and Adam's family. It sounds like you have busy as usual and you have had a lot of fun. That frog was HUGE!!

Maren said...

Wow, you really have been busy.

We are very sorry to hear about Adam's brother. Steve Harman mentioned it at work the other day. Hope the family is well.

That is fun that you are painting your house.

Sick about the spider--the big ones we call "Dogs". So many trips, and Wicked to boot. Is that Amy Fenn with you at Wicked? (It looks just like her and we would love to hear how she is doing, if it is her).

Beth and JC Davis said...

I had no idea about your brother in law. My heart and my prayers go out to his family. I can't believe it happened because of a previous knee injury.
I was excited to get the update on what you've been up to ms. busy body! I think you and tall Kelli go more places than anyone I know.
PS- I don't know which creature I thought was more sick- the spider or the frog. I hate both. Good thing you live there because I know I would have a rough one!

Granum Family said...

I am soooo sorry to hear about Adam's brother. I hope you are all doing okay. We are praying for you guys and for his family!

The Lewis Family said...

Mandy! Hi honey... This is your old buddy Jessica! I found your blog through several others and I am so glad to get to catch up. And I am so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. I love you and miss you... check our our blog too. Hope to hear from you!

nikki said...


I couldn't remember your blog and then I found the email you sent me oh so many months ago... I am so sorry to hear about everything you have been through with the passing of your brother-in-law. I hope you feel comfort and strength through the spirit and the promise of eternal families although that never lessens the pain. I pray for you and your families. It sounds like you guys have been very busy lately. I wish we could say the same, but we have been busy doing everyday stuff, I guess. I promise to come back again soon!

Downs Family said...

Mandy- Hey it's Melissa Downs and I totally found your site and now all the other girls randomly but anyway, I can't wait to keep in touch with you all now. It was so fun reading your site and catching up with what you have been doing. I am so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law that is heartbreaking. And on an upbeat note I saw Wicked in NYC and now I am completely obsessed. Well lets keep in touch.

Family Scads said...

Hi Mandy!

It's Kim (Schaalje) Scadlock! I was looking at comments on my blog from different people and I kept finding links to other blogs and eventually I found your link. I was so excited to read your blog! How the heck are you? I sure miss you, and wish we lived closer to eachother (Iowa and Arizona are way too far away!!). Love you!

Family Scads said...

It's Kim again...not sure why it is not showing my bloggin info?? The address is


Tim & Rebecca said...

Hey I didn't know you mentioned me on your blog. I feel so flattered. You guys need to come visit again. We'll herd some more goats.

Hope all is well with the little mand on the way. Take care