Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

What a great month we had ... here are a few pictures and updates for you!

We started our January by going to Kanab to see Adam's family from January 5-8. His brother Josh came from Chicago to see us. We were so excited for their announcement that they are expecting! The kids just loved seeing all of their cousins! They spent all day jumping on the tramp and playing trains. They had the time of their lives! We also took family pictures but haven't gotten them back from Adam's brother.

Next was the Car show on January 14. Usually just the "guys" go, but we decided to make it a family occasion. This year they had a little Jeep event. The boys got to ride in their own Jeeps! They LOVED it!
 Mandy's favorite was the VW Torque
and Adam's favorites were the Chevy trucks and who couldn't enjoy the Camero!

We had a really great opportunity to attend our Adult Session of Stake Conference on January 15th, where Elder Scott Attended. 
When he got up to give his talk he decided to allow all of us to ask him questions. Then he ended with an apostolic blessing to us! It was definitely a night we will always remember. We arrived to General Conference over an hour early, so we could get a seat, and Elder Scott wasn't feeling well and wasn't able to come. Regardless the spirit was so strong and it was a wonderful meeting!

Another big event was that Mandy turned 31!

 We did birthday cake on Sunday at Mandy's parents house!

In addition to all of the festivities, Adam has been in School Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday nights. He finishes this grueling schedule in April. We are really hoping to make it! Meanwhile, Mandy & the boys have been preparing paperwork for our Adoption. WOW it is a lot of work, but we feel like this is what we should be doing.

We finished up January with a fun party at KSL. It was a party to help the contributors how to make their segments pop. It was a great afternoon, and fun to visit with lots of great friends.