Sunday, June 17, 2012

May 2012! (Beware, LOTS of pictures!)

May was a really exciting month for us. Busy Busy Busy, but really great! It started off with a bang ... that is Adam got to Graduate. (Just walk, he actually finishes up in August!) It was such a wonderful day!
The David Eckles School of Business provided all the Professional MBA Students with a Lei flown in from Hawaii! It also shows the little flag he wore around his neck to show that he is an MBA student!
Adam thought it would be really great to have the boys there. We were both glad we decided not to leave them at home. They loved seeing Daddy Graduate!
 We met Adam at the Business school and walked up to the Huntsman center with him. It was lead by bagpipes. The boys thought they were special that they got to join in the parade of graduates!
We were so lucky to have both sets of parents there to support him! 

 What a mighty fine graduate if you ask me!
 We are so proud of Adam. If I could only explain to you what a sacrifice it has been for all of us. There have been multiple times each week he has left at 5:30 am and hasn't gotten home until 11:00 pm. Then wakes up the next day and does it all again. He has sacrificed so much for us. We also have experienced what it is like to have a single parent. There are so many times where I have felt the Lord reach out to us and help us out. I honestly hope I never have to be a single parent!
 Following graduation, we invited everyone over to the house for cake and ice cream. The cake didn't turn out like I would have liked! Hopefully we can try it again when I pull together a party in August when he is finished!
On May 7, Daddy got some tickets from one of his subcontractors for 7th Row at the last Jazz Game of the year! Although they got killed, it was lots of fun. This was our boys first Basketball game and they LOVED it!

It has been such a long time since we have gone on a vacation, so we called my best friend from High School and her family and decided to take a road trip to St. George. It was Mother's Day weekend and it was just PERFECT!!
 We rented a condo together at the Las Palmas Resort in Green Valley. We had a great balcony and two pools right next to us. It was the best! The kids loved the balcony, and even more ... throwing the ball over so we "had" to go and get it!
 Isn't this swim shirt the cutest! I got it in St. George and LOVE it!

 Chad & McKailey

 Dave, Krissa, Mandy, Adam

 On the way home from St. George, we stopped by my parents house to wish my dad a happy birthday and to celebrate Mother's Day. I am so blessed to have the greatest parents and even more amazing grandparents. We had a wonderful dinner together and it was such a great weekend!

Coming home from St. George began a super busy week for me (Mandy). First creating a huge summer party for my Studio 5 spot. Then having Bryson's last day of school! Mrs. Tanya was such a great Preschool teacher. One more year of preschool, then on to Kindergarten!! 
Next was doing my segment in the studio. My mom was able to come with me this time! She is such a great support to me! Then to wrap it all up, a shower for the cute girl I visit teach, Nikki. Although it was a super busy week, it was very fun and rewarding!

We ended the month with my nephews graduation. We are so proud of him and can't wait until he turns in his papers to serve a mission this fall!
Such a cute picture of Adam & Chad at the BBQ
So a within a week, Me, Adam & both the boys got Strep! Luckily mine went away quick and I was able to go to Youth Conference. 
 For 3 days I went to a beautiful place near Fruitland, UT for Youth Conference. It was such a great testimony building experinece. I am so grateful to my parents who helped me with my kids, took them to the doctor because Adam was flat in bed sick, just so I could go. On top of that, Youth Conference also fell on Adam's Birthday, and I missed it! We were able to celebrate before and after... Soon to tell you about in the month of June!