Thursday, September 4, 2008

A New BLOG has come!

Yes it is true, find out all about it here!
As of September 7, Our DOUGLASS BASICS blog will go private and will only be accessible with permission from Adam and Mandy. If you have not emailed me your email address and would like access, please comment and I will be sure to add ya! Feel free to check both blogs, as there will be different information on both.


WOW ... haven't updated in a while! Here is the lo-down!

So I promised some pictures of when I won Scrapbooker of the Year. Here are some pictures of me and the check, signing my first autograph, meeting the finalists who are the most incredible girls ever! I am so honored to have met each one of them! Oh and I lucked out to see both of the previous winners, CD and Liz. I had met them both before but it was so great to see them again! Thanks to everyone involved in this award! It has been an amazing experience all ready!

I received the award on August 6th and the remainder of the weekend was spent taking classes at CKU. While I was at CKU my parents tended Bryson. They loved being with him, since he is the only grandchild that has ever moved out of Utah County. Here are some pictures of him taking a bath in the kitchen sink! I love the center picture ... it's caption would be "Grandma and Poppie, what in the world are you doing?"

We have been doing better at being more consistent with the solid stuff. Bryson's favorites are carrots! He usually has carrots from head to toe by the time we are finished feeding him and frequently helps my hand so the spoon goes into his mouth faster!

Aunt Tiffany also gave Bryson her exersaucer! It have become Brysons favorite thing to do, and helps keep mommy sane so she can work during the day! Thanks aunt "fiffy!"

Next, Adam and I celebrated on August 20th our 3rd anniversary! WOW how time flies! We drove to St. George and dropped Bryson off at Grandma Douglass' house in Kanab on the way. We went to Cafe Rio that night, saw the movie Batman, and stayed at a new hotel in Hurricane. The following morning we went to the temple, ran some errands, ate at Chili's and drove back to Kanab. It was nice to get away without Bryson and remember why we still love each other as much as we do! He is the greatest husband and daddy in the world and I am so lucky to have him.

We have spent some considerable time on the Lake with our friends the Hansens, Ricks, and Rassmusens. Between tubing, skiing, and wakeboarding, we have spent more weekends sore and tired than well! Thats what comes with sacrificing relaxation for fun!

Last but not least, we took a quick trip to Orem for Labor Day to see the family. Friday the girls went to Swiss days, while daddy took Bryson to lunch with his friend. Adam got a break in the afternoon when I got home from Midway and went to Cabellas! That night we went to Shootz chinese restaurant with the fam. Saturday we spent on the Utah Lake with the fam again, and followed up with some Brick Oven that night! ummm ... good ol' fashioned goodness!

Sunday was church and a little relaxation! It was my parents 42nd Wedding Anniversary! WAY TO GO MA AND PA!

And last but not least was pictures on Labor Day at target! Aren't they cute!