Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Dam" its beautiful!

So here are some pictures from this last weekends' adventures. I know you are going to get a little tired of the "dam" jokes but its really apart of our lives here. I promise, we won't post another "dam" post for a while.

This weekend we went to the "typical dam lookoff" very familiar to all the tourists. We wanted to go before all of the tourists came. They are starting to come, and create a little more of a buzz in this town. To be quite frank, its kinda nice to seem more than your average native, and people at the Page Walmart. It brings some excitement to our lives.

The lookoff was actually really cool. I am glad we went to see it. Okay, there may be one more "Dam" post. That is when we go on a "Dam" tour which we are ultra excited about.

And here is a photo of my hot little husband! Aint he cute! Come on! If you don't have kids, ya gotta brag about somethin'!

Easter was good, nothing too exciting. We went to the "Dam Bar and Grill" for dinner on Saturday night. It actually is the only decent place in town to have a nice steak dinner. I made magnolia bakery cupcakes, Adam watched 2-3 movies. I think I need a vacation from this town before I loose it, but other than that...we are hanging in there. I am finally feeling a little better. We thought that the illness from last week was shingles, but I never broke out in blisters, and the doctors don't know what it is, (nor at this point do I think they care! Small towns! What can I say!) But all in all, I am glad I don't feel like I have a sunburn anymore!

Hope you are well! Feel free to drop us a note, or a package. Excitement for my day is going to the post office. YES we have to go to the post office to get our mail. We don't even have a mail man! So ... Here is our address for all of you out there that want to say hello (not that you couldn't through email, but...who doesn't love packages?)
PO Box 595
Page, AZ 86040

Stay in touch!
Adam & Mandy


Anonymous said...

Geez Mandy- you have such a potty mouth, all this dam business!

Brady and Karen said...

Did you say you needed a vacation? Plan a trip to Kauai-we'll have a room for you. We are moving out there in a couple of weeks. I'm glad to hear you guys are doing so well. Call us when you get the chance.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal? We're not cool enough for your "friends blogs" list? How rude! ;)

becky said...

you look a little TOO excited to see that Dam! jk, love you and miss you!

Heather said...

I like your long hair and the dam pictures...sorry you weren't feeling well. What are magnolia bakery cupcakes?

Camille Funk said...

I love this "dam" entry! (Oh, I miss my Mandy) :)