Tuesday, April 3, 2007


So pretty much everyone knows that yes I scrapbook for a living, and do some design work too. Lately I have done a few pages so I thought I would post them so you could see!
Hope you enjoy.

This one is of Tiff and her 5 kids. I called tiffany and asked her if she could tell me what her thoughts were when jace was born. It was really cool to hear that the thing that touched her the most was being Grateful. Not the pain, the screaming kids, or even so much as being overwhelmed, but how grateful she was. This will soon be in the Pebbles stores, as well as online.

These pictures were taken by a dear friend of mine from Cortland NY. She is quite a talented photographer, and if anyone wants their picture taken in NY, I would have to say, give her a call. The pictures are of some other friends on mine in Cortland NY. They are the greatest! Thanks Rachel and LeAnn for letting me use the photos! They were pefect for my page!

These pictures are from Adams Graduation last May. Can you believe it has almost been one year since he graduated! WOW time flies when your having fun. (Just so you know Adam C, Brian, Taylor, & Brady, you are famous on a scrapbook page! Ya like that!!)

These are just a few cards that I was asked to do along with my pages. Hope you like them!

For news with Adam and I. I have been a little under the weather, but trying to figure out how to get better. Adam is staying REALLY busy at work. 10 hour days have turned now into 12 hour days. I told him that if it turns into 14 hours a day, I am moving back to Orem! I would probably see him more. No, just joking! We are enjoying the 80 degree weather here, and anticipating all of you coming to visit this summer. Hope you are well! Keep in touch!

Adam & Mandy


Heather said...

The pages are amazing, I don't think I got that talent bestowed upon me...
12 hour days are no fun! Samuel does that sometimes, and I don't like it!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Feeling under the weather huh? Maybe you need to take a test- ya you know what I mean. He he. Just kidding. I hope you start feeling better soon. Great pages, you are way too crafty!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl:
These pages are great!

Granum Family said...

Such cute pages!!!

Krissa Allen said...

Your pages are so cute. Your talent is amazing. Maybe you and I should live together. Dave is always working now and I am going CRAZY!!! Love ya tonz!