Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome 2008!

This year has started out with lots of busy tasks! I would say that my new years resolution is to update our blog more frequently, but with the baby coming, I know that isn't a realistic goal. So we will do the best we can, and show you how we ended 2007 and began 2008
We have spent a lot of time re-arranging our house, getting ready for the new baby and working on lots of projects. While up in Utah for Christmas, we were able to find a crib and dresser that fit our needs perfectly.

My mom also let us use the bassinet I used when I was a new baby. It came with a cover that had lots of ruffles and yellow flowers. Adam wasn't too keen on putting our baby "boy" in it, so Adam's mom and dad came over from Kanab and helped us out. Adam and his dad helped a lot by playing Adams new toy (Xbox)
and Adam's mom helped me create a new cover for the bassinet.
I am going to wait until I finish to show you ... but it is SO cute!

As if we didn't already have too much going on in our lives, last week we got quite a bit of rain, and even a little snow. Adam and I went to go to bed one night and saw a puddle of water by our door.  We found that our ceiling was leaking and it got behind our paint, causing a large bubble. We think we found the problem, but aren't too excited about having this event come when there are so many other things to worry about before the baby comes!
Christmas was one to remember. I was able to come up a few days early for a work Christmas party, and won two tickets, lower bowl to the Jazz / Lakers game in March. Hopefully we can make it up to Utah after just having a baby. We were there from Dec 19th - January 1st!  We spent a lot of time shopping, and preparing for Christmas day. It was a totally different experience trying to do all of your Christmas shopping in really 2 days! My parents are serving at the MTC and my nephew Tyson is there. Seeing that we were visiting from out of town, we have the opportunity to attend church at the MTC with my parents. We just happened to bump into Elder Dudley ... which was so great because I really didn't get to say goodbye before he left!
Christmas eve we went sledding with the family, had a great mexican dinner and let the kids destroy a pinata. A great day to say the least.
Christmas morning was spent with my parents. Santa did come and we were excited to see what he brought. We enjoyed spending the day relaxing & got together with the family Christmas night.

We also went to dinner with most of the family on New Years eve again, and played some of those GREAT games we got for Christmas (thanks Ryan & Debbie). To sum up our trip ... LOTS of bonding time, and we enjoyed every minute! We also both spent a few days at work between the two holidays ... what a blessing to have that ability with our jobs! 
Last, we took the tree & decorations down.
As much as I dread that blessed day, it got me excited to get things ready for our baby boy. We are 35 weeks ... Just 5 more weeks to go and counting the days! We will keep you updated, and hope to post a few more times before he comes. 


Granum Family said...

I can't believe you are at 35 weeks....he's coming soooo soon. I'm so excited for you! Glad you had such a fun Christmas with family. Oh and I love your banner at the top, gorgeous picture!

Mia said...

Time is really ticking, isn't it?? I am loving the crib - what beautiful colors. Little jealous you get to have a baby room ready before he comes, but that's life in order to get my degree, huh?? No biggie. Looks like a fantastic holiday and so glad you got to enjoy your family so much, especially seeing your nephew. Can't wait to see the finished product on the bassinet cover.

ANDREA said...

Lovin' your banner- the pic and the writing....cute cute. K I totally cant wait to see this cover you and your mother in law made! good for you. But I especiatlly cant wait to see you at your shower. LOVE YOUR GUTS!!!!!!!!!

Krissa Allen said...

Glad you finally updated your blog! I can't wait to see your nursery and the bassinet!

Downs Family said...

Oh I wish I was already at 35 weeks, but the time will come. Have fun getting ready, you will be such a cute mom. By the way you look great! Have fun and keep us all updated!

bonnerbunch said...

Mandy-hopefully you get this before you come up for your shower, I lost the invitation, but I want to come and see you! I think it said the shower is from 2-4 but I have a meeting at 3 in Heber so maybe if you are around later you can call me my # is 6547151 my cell isn't working right now. Hope to see you! Luv Mandy

Heather Ballard said...

How special that your baby gets to sleep in your bassinett that you slept in. It's sounds like you had a good break. I couldn't figure out why there wasn't any skiing pictures and then I remembered that your pregnant.

The P*dunc's said...

You did NOT look that pregnant when I saw you! You are so dang cute, it's ridiculous!