Sunday, May 18, 2008

Douglass News

Look how big I am getting!

A lot has gone on since I posted last. It seems like we are spinning everyday. Adam has been really busy with work and I have been busy being a mommy and going back to work for American Crafts. We head out for Seattle on Thursday so I wanted to update you with a few pictures before we go and have LOTS more to post!

First, WE HAD VISITORS!!! Doug, Maria, and Everett! They moved back to Provo and stayed in Page for the night. We met them at the famous Fiesta Mexicana while they ate dinner and we got desert! Bryson was so excited to meet his new friend. I can't believe how tiny he was! SERIOUSLY one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! Thanks for stopping guys!

Adam and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary of meeting on April 30th. Most of you might think we would go back to IHOP for each anniversary, but nope, we don't have an IHOP in Page ... and even if we did ... I don't think we would go because it is DISGUSTING!!! So here's to Sterling, a gay waiter, and our families! Because of them I am married to the greatest guy in the entire world. I love you babe! Here's to many, many more years!

We also went to Kanab to help Adam's sister-in-law build her new home. Two of Adam's brothers (Jarrett & Ryan) were there two, along with his dad. We were happy to see some of the family, and help her with her new home! (Plus it is a great excuse for the guy's to "Play tools" wink wink!)

As some of you might know, I actually have a relative in Page. His name is Dennis Dudley. He was going up to Logan on Mothers Day weekend for a college reunion, and asked if I wanted to ride up to see my family. Adam had the fathers & son's camp out, (mothers day weekend ... someone wasn't thinking in that meeting) and he had a softball tournament that he really wanted to play in. SO, Bryson and I decided to surprise my mom and head up with Dennis.

We surprised the heck out of her and the family. It made for a great first mothers day for me and a wonderful surprise mothers day for my mom! Adam and I are so blessed to have wonderful mothers! We love you both very much and are so grateful for all you do for us!

My parents serve in a branch presidency at the MTC and so when Adam and I come to visit, we go to church with them. It just so happens that my sister-in-law's younger sister is in the MTC and in my dad's branch. She hadn't seen Bryson yet and so we surprised her too. It was sure great to see her! She is going to the Madrid Spain Mission.

It just happened, that a few of my mission buddies were in town that I hadn't seen in a VERY long time ... so we got together and had a little brunch. I love those girls! They made the weekend even that much better!

Bryson finally got to meet his new cousin Addyson! MAN IS SHE ADORABLE! I was so excited to finally get to hold this cutie! We are going to have to visit lots before she grows up too much! Bryson really has been putting on pounds as you can see in the picture. Addyson is so tiny, I am sure she will never catch up! He is just growing so fast!

Other than that, we don't have too much news. It seems like we are staying busy with our callings and being parents. It is getting better and better each day as Bryson develops a personality. Here are some cute picts for you to see how big he is getting!
Bryson and Daddy fall asleep on the couch almost every night! It is SO cute!

Check out how long his eyelashes are!

Bathtime! Bryson loves taking a bath!


Krissa Allen said...

yeah so happy for a new post I have been waiting to see the little guy, ok not so little guy! I love that first picture of him, so cute! Just wait before you know it he will be 3 and you will not know where the time went. Have fun in Seattle
Love ya

lys said...

Ooooh! I love all that chub on your little guy. He is so cute and getting so big!

britt said...

Are you liking the Bumbo? We have a little pink one and think it will come in handy one day. Man, you've been busy. Fun blog entry! Thanks for sharing.

Tai said...

I am so glad that you did a new post!! I can't believe how big our babies are getting. They grow way too fast!! He is so cute!!! You look fantastic too and it sounds like there is never a boring minute in your life either!!
You need to let me know the next time you come up so we can get together.

Mia said...

You really are feeding him nothing but ice cream, huh? That kid is growing like a very plump weed! I absolutely love it. And come on, IHOP is not that bad... we loved seeing you guys too. Enjoy Seattle. That is a beautiful city. I love big cities. Can I come?

Jules said...

I can't believe how big Bryson is getting! He is so sweet and chubby! I love it! Next time you are up, let all of us Sundberg girls know and we can get together!!

Robertson Family said...

So many fun things! Bryson has the most adorable face! He is seriously going to outgrow you soon dear! Have fun in Seattle!

JC, Beth and Tucker Davis said...

What fun times!!! I love that cute bum picture- those are the best:-) You look like you are having so much fun being a darling mommy! Bryson and Tucker are going to have to hang out sometime soon!
PS- IHOP isn't as bad as Denny's where JC and I go for the morning of our anniversary- long story, but hopefully JC and I will break that tradition- it's not so cute anymore.

Kari Ann said...

Looks like you are busy Mandy. It is sad that they grow so fast but yet exciting at the same time. You look so good!

Mark and April Sullivan said...

Yay!! MOre pictures of Bryson!! I just want to pinch both sets of those cheeks!! How adorable can he get?? Oh... I want to see him in person! I love the felt book by the way... so cute!

The Clarkson Family said...

Mandy, Your posts are so cute! I love your pictures and even how you write is just awesome! I'm so glad you included the IHOP pic! So funny! I forgot that's how you two met! Does Bryson look like his daddy or what? You look so great by the way. I am so impressed! Seriously, if your are headed to St. George, we'd love to get together or watch Bryson for you!

Heather Ballard said...

Oh dang. I missed you again on Mother's Day. You are real brave to make that drive all alone. Good for you.

jennifer mcguire said...

what a cute dude he is! and you look FAB, girl! hugs to you.

Maren said...

Wait--I'm confused. I thought that the day you met was the same day as your anniversary?

I hope you have a hefty food storage, because that boy looks like he could eat you out of house and home already.

Good update.