Tuesday, June 17, 2008


First Fathers Day!

Thank you Daddy for being the first one to hold me.
Thank you Daddy for rocking me back to sleep each night in the hospital so mommy could sleep.
Thank you Daddy for being worthy to hold the priesthood so that I could be blessed into the church.
Thank you Daddy for being excited to see me each day, and playing with me whenever you're home.
Thank you Daddy for taking me swimming and putting up with all the accessories mommy insists on!
Thank you Daddy for helping mommy giving me my first hair cut, so I could look just like you.

Thank you Daddy for being the Best Daddy in the world. I am so glad I chose you!

First time Swimming in our pool

We took Bryson to the pool! He wasn't too sure what to think, but decided it was lots of fun!

Swimming suit (check)
Sun shirt (check)
Float Tube (check)
Sun Glasses, even though it was in the evening and we didn't need them (check)
Beach shoes, okay I know ... no sand either ... (check)
Mo-hawk with wet hair (check)
Great time! (check)

First Haircut

Bryson was born with lots of hair on the back of his head, which turned into a mullet, SO Daddy insisted that we cut it! Bryson did really good and sat really still in his bumbo chair. He has always loved his hair combed and washed ... so it didn't surprise us! And yes, in case you are wondering, those are Scrapbook scissors!

First Attempt at Adam's Birthday Cake

Each time Adam and I go to visit my parents in Orem, we always have to stop of at one of our favorite restaurants, Carabbas. We always get the BEST dessert. It is called Dessert Rosa. It doesn't look anything like it, tasted similar, but I guess we will just have to get the real deal next time we head up north.

HAPPY 29th BABE! I LOVE YA! OH Bryson and I gave him fishing stuff and a new IPOD so he can listen to music at work!

First time on the lake

The Gardners, (Adam's brother's, in-laws and the people who bought our dinner when we met ... inevitably ... the reason we met) invited us on the lake for a day on their houseboat. It was a really windy day and so we didn't do much other than visit and ride the wave runners. Anyway you have it, it was a fantastic day ... SO great to see their family and just get out of our "Dam town" for the day! Bryson didn't love the wind, or his life jacket. We could barely snap the top clip because of his chubby little cheeks, but he did seem to like the bouncing boat from the choppy waters.

First time meeting uncle Trent

Okay, so it's really not an Uncle, but it is one of Adam's best friends from High School who came to stay with us for a week. It was great to have a friend around and try to entertain. Adam and Trent got to take the Rhino to the Peria overlook.

Addy's First time to Lake Powell

Marney and Erik came down for Erik's "High School friend testosterone week outing". Marney and the boys stayed with me, and Erik went out on the boat with his friends. Because of some problems with the boat Justin and Jared got to stay with me, instead of with daddy on the beach for some of the time. Bryson LOVED having his cousins around, and I enjoyed the company of my sister. I really miss my family and so it was just what the doctor ordered! We even got to bring some dutch oven potatoes to the boys on the beach one night. It was really fun!

Last but not least
FIRST TIME finding his feet and playing with toys

Bryson finally got the Hand to eye coordination down and is starting to entertain himself! With mommy going back to work, this has become REALLY nice! He is getting so big and more and more fun! We love our little man!


Katie said...

Mandy! I can't believe you have a baby! He is adorable, I can't believe his cheeks. I love chubby babies they are so dang cute. It was so fun to browse over your blog, you look great!

Heather Ballard said...

How fun that Marney could come into town and visit. He is so cute and chubby wubby. My sisters are jealous that he is sleeping through the night.

Heather Ballard said...

P.S. That is funny about the nachos. Well, part of the reason why I work out is so I don't feel guilty when I splurge. By, the way you look great.

Mia said...

So much to comment on....so Carabba's is my FAV restaurant, also. That is where I want to go for my birthday every year so I will definately have to try that desert if you insist it looks better at Carabba's! I am sure it was fabulous. Sandals and sunglasses, really? In the evening? Those must be the accessories you insisted on and all for the picture value, I'm sure. And lastly, is there a baby near his age that is his size or does he just dwarf the rest of them? What a cutie and Heather had it right with "chubby wubbie"...I can just hear her saying it now.

Karen said...

How eventful!

I can't get over those cute cheeks!

The Clarkson Family said...

What cute pictures! I love the ones of Bryson swimming with all his gear on. Tim says, "I thought I was Adam's best friend. What's this about 'Uncle Trent'? I never heard 'Uncle Tim'!" We love you guys and it looks like you are having a great time!

The Clarkson Family said...

Mandy, You are so cute! I just read your post on my blog! As Tim and I were checking out your blog last night I told him that I think you are the most talented person I know!! I really think you are so cool and we would love to have you come hang out any time!! Call when you are in St. George - we'd love to babysit any time you need to go to the Temple, shop, etc.

Jules said...

cute tribute to Adam for father's day! I can't believe you had to give Bryson a haircut already!! And only you, would do it with scrapbook scizzors!!

Krissa Allen said...

Seriously he is the cutest baby in the world. I love his cheeks and want to squeeze them. so fun!