Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It seems that Adam and I think this vacation stuff is lots of fun. Here is a look back on our two weeks out of town. (It really has taken me an entire week to finally get this posted! Its a long one so take a deep breath!)

On June 28th, Adam and I left for a family reunion with the Douglass side. We spent a few days in Kanab, waiting for the family to arrive, and then headed to a Cabin about 30 minutes north of Kanab, in Glendale, Utah. To my dismay, my sweet little camera of four years finally bit the dust. Luckily Adam has a camera for work and we have two brothers that have SWEET RIG cameras, so we got some great picts. Here is a lo-down of some really fun activities we did!
The Cabin had a really SWEET, but REALLY COLD pond. It didn't stop us! The boys spent time finding ridiculous ways of jumping in, and also great ways of sinking the "paddle boat".

Next in pond fun was fishing ... they aren't big enough to feed the fam, but we did have fun relaxing, catching and releasing the little guys!

Their was also an AWESOME zip line that flew across the pond. We spent a lot of our days going down and trying to see who could do the sweetest drops off into the pond.

We even took turns taking rides in Seans new canoe!

The kids had as much fun as the adults, having a treasure hunt,swinging on swings, and playing in the dirt. The big kids "husbands" even brought paint ball guns and came back to the cabin with many battle wounds.

Inside the cabin we spent time making good food, playing games, and even continuing on with our family tradition of dressing up each other with newspaper. The girls chose the theme of the wizard of oz, and so me, Kalie, and Inez were dressed as the scarecrow, the tin man, and dorothy. The boys usually aren't as appropriate, so adam would only let me post the picture of him from the head up. Silly guys!

The remainder of the week was spent relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

And last but not least, Bryson got to finally be with the two other cousins that were born within a few weeks of him. If you ask me ... I smell trouble!

I am sad we couldn't post all of the pictures, because there were HUNDREDS, but hopefully this will give you a small glimpse into our trip. Thanks Mika and Inez for all of your hard work in preparing this fabulous week!

Next was the fourth of july with my family. We headed up on the 3rd of July. As you can see, we don't think this kid of ours is getting enough nourishment, so we thought we should start with some solid foods!

(No, but really, if he wasn't acting interested, we wouldn't worry about it, but seeing that he stole Adam's coke from him, we thought it must be time!)
The fourth of July we spent with the Dudley's. My parents always put on a pancake breakfast our annual 4th of July breakfast.

Then we all got ready and grandma and grandpa watched the two newborns (Bryson and Addy) while we spent the afternoon at Utah lake.

My oldest Sister Tammy talked all of us Dudley girls into jumping on the tube and taking a stroll behind the boat. That was one fun scene, four mommies, 8 white legs, lauging so hard we could hardly breath. (I even think a few of us peed our pants!) It was great times to say the least!

We ended the day with take out from Cafe rio at Tiff and Devins. Devin got a new Harley! Adam and Bryson took a little stroll.

The fourth ended with a grand finally dudley family firework show. It sure was an eventful Week.
On Saturday morning, Christina Homlik called and was getting a few girls together for a quick breakfast. I haven't seen Michelle Brady and Sarah Asay in years and it was so great to get to know Jana's new fionce. Thanks for an amazing breakfast Christina and Paul!

Last but not least ... and definitely most important ... My nephew Justin was baptized! After the baptism, since everyone was there anyway ... they blessed Addy, and to finish it up, it was Jackson's birthday! It was a great day!


~*Tessa*~ said...

He is getting so big!!! Man Time Does Fly!!!

The Clarkson Family said...

You guys look like you are having such a fun summer!!! How great you were able to spend so much time with both families! I love the picture of Bryson with his 2 cousin buddies! They will have a blast as they get older!

Carter Family said...

So glad to see an update! Looks like a lot of fun! Don't be worried about your little chub! Mine is the same way! Everyone always says how huge he is but he is a boy and he is tough! I think big boys are great! Fead him all the solid food he wants!