Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yep, I am sure I am the worst updater of our blog that ever lived!

Here is the lo-down on everything lately!

FIRST, if you haven't heard, Adam and I announced in our Christmas Card that we are expecting again, and not only that ... We are having a BOY!!!

We are due June 11th unless I have another C-section, and then it will be on May 30th!

Next, Christmas! We spent 10 great days at my parents house starting Christmas Eve. Adam had to use up all of his personal days or he would loose them. We had lots of fun ... Here is the lo-down.

We drove up Christmas Eve and went sledding. It was Bryson's first time sledding.
My dad couldn't stop giggling and calling him "Snow Days" every time he was in his snow suit. What can I say ... I am a protective mommy!
Next was to my Sister Tiffany's house for Soup and Scones. Pinata fun and Presents.

One of the greatest moments was when we had my parents open the gift from all of us kids. It was tickets to WICKED in SLC for April 18th and all of us are going with them. They were so surprise, excited, and stunned! We did it! We totally got the best gift this year!

Adam and I were so excited for Christmas morning that we were just waiting for Bryson to wake up! He woke up about 7:45 am and we finally got to go upstairs. Bryson didn't really get the whole opening gifts thing, but seemed to enjoy eating all the ribbon. Following opening gifts we went to a few of my siblings homes to see what santa brought them, and had a special treat of going to see Adam's oldest brother who was here from Seattle in Alpine. We got together again for a big Christmas dinner and were exhausted when the day finally ended!

I was bound and determined, Pregnant or not, I was GOING skiing this year. We decided just a half day at Sundance would do. I promised, no jumps, no moguls, just good ol skiing. As much as my K2's wanted to take me in "off limits" places, the little one inside kept me grounded. Even though it was just a half day, we were both WAISTED that night and enjoyed the evening relaxing.

As much as I also wanted to go snowmobiling, baby said no! (and I am sure my doctor would have said no too!) So Adam went with my sister tiffany's family up to Daniel's Summit on New Years Eve. He had a BLAST and only got stuck a few times :)

After snowmobiling we went to Happy Sumo with my family and came back to my parent's house to have dessert. We were planning on playing games but had more fun just chatting without 1000 kids around!

We spent the rest of our time relaxing, going to see movies, (Australia, which was okay; and Bedtime stories, which we LOVED!) and running errands galore! Can you BELIEVE the after Christmas sales? They were GREAT!

January came and I swear we haven't stopped since it started!
My sisters, on a whim, decided to do a girls weekend in St. George to get the HECK out of the snow and to "celebrate my birthday". It was so fun to hang out with the girls, do LOADS of shopping, laugh at tammy with her headlamp on ... she's a night owl, eating until we were sick, laughing until we peed our pants, and enjoying the weather.

My birthday was great ... 28! Man do I feel old!

Young Women's, work, Young Men's, work, Bryson, pregnancy and everything else on top of it is keeping us so busy we just feel at times we can't keep up. You would think moving to a small town would allow some breathing room!
There is more to come ... just have to find the time to update ya! Hope you're well!


Kambria said...

Yay you finally updated your blog!!! I am so excited for you guys and your second baby boy. I hope that you are feeling well.

Cristi said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!