Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bryson's First Birthday!

Can you believe it! ONE FULL YEAR has gone by. I didn't think that I would make it through one year after the craziness of delivery and even more crazy months to come. But NEVER did I think we would be pregnant again one year later. I am sure the next year will go even faster! We has such a wonderful day and don't want to miss a detail! For the more "creative part" of Bryson's birthday, be sure to check out Mandy's blog.

We woke up and ate french toast for breakfast, played for a little while! Next was a nap so mommy could finish the preparations such as crate paper decor for the party! After naptime was lunch ... grilled cheese and tomatoe soup ... mmmm good! Then it was the MAD DASH to get everything done. First to Safeway to pick up balloons and his cake. WELL his cake wasn't there, and they needed an hour to make it and so I ran to Walmart to pick up a few last minute items. NOW as you know, Bryson's birthday falls on Feb 13, the day before Valentines day. SO as you have already guessed, no one is rushing around trying to get valentines, balloons, or anything else for that matter. (Even daddy was trying to be sneaky and as we headed out of Walmart Bryson got excited and said "DAD"! I looked over and there it was ... Adam's Yellow Okland Truck pulling up to Walmart. Of COURSE I wasn't supposed to see him there:) It made us both smile.)

Next was back to Safeway to get the cake.

As tired as I was being pregnant, and carrying a 1 year old ... I couldn't be mad at the baker for not having my order ready when I first came, because she gave me $10 off! SWEET! I also had a coupon in the mail for a free personal birthday cake for Bryson when I purchased another Birthday cake. I thought it was a great deal! ... (don't worry I have eaten 1/2 of the "real" birthday cake by myself :) You gotta love the whipping cream frosting and fresh strawberries in the middle.

We got home at 4:30 pm ... yes this is an hour past Bryson's afternoon nap time! He decided that 5:00 was a better time to take a nap. I finished putting up the banner, and the last minute touches on Adam's Valentine, before Adam's parents and Grandma came!

We waited for Bryson to wake up so he could open his new "BIRTHDAY SUIT" (Just cloths ... come on people ... where is your mind!)

Then we went to Fiesta Mexicana for dinner, where Jarrett, Jessica, Chance, and Kason met up with us.

We forgot the camera in the car ... and Adam wouldn't let me go and get it because I guess there was some cops outside claiming there was a man with a gun in the hotel next door. So there are no pictures ... sorry :)
We went home and opened gifts ... MAN he is one spoiled boy!

Then next was the cake destroying extravaganza!

I was really excited about the pictures. Of course we only chose 10 out of 50 ... but hopefully you can feel like you were there!
Last but not least we gave the boy a bath, and cleaned up the kitchen. We let Bryson play for a little while and when the company went home we put him to bed. (about 9:30 pm). It was a wonderful day that we won't forget! We are so glad to have had this wonderful year adventure and can't wait for the many more to come!


Jules said...

happy bday to the big boy!

Robertson Family said...

What a great birthday! I love all the cake eating pictures! They are always the best! Happy Birthday cute Bryson!

Mia said...

I love so much that he put his face in it! Incredible!