Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012

March started off with Studio 5 ... a bit stressful to get everything up and ready for the show, but I was really excited how fun it turned out!

The day I did Studio 5 was super stressful, and I was hoping to relax when I got home. Bryson decided that while mommy was stressed out, he might as well make it one crazy day. He decided to Pee on Chad. YES you read right. He wizzed right on him! Chad started screaming and when I asked him what was wrong he said, "Bryson Peed on me! And he peed on my blanket too!"
Meanwhile, Bryson was in trouble ... and although I was trying not to laugh when I sent him to his room, he now understands that we don't pee on each other!!

A few of the neighborhood boys wanted to do Itty Bitty sports at American Fork Rec Center, so we decided to let Bryson give it a try. We went every Tuesday and Thursday and played Soccer and Football. He loved it! Chad wasn't old enough yet to sign up, and was so sad he couldn't play too! 
We decided to wait and to Tee-Ball in the Fall!

This winter we didn't get too much snow, so the one day we finally got some, Bryson and Chad were convinced we had to build a snowman. By definition this means, taking 1/2 hour to get all our snow cloths on, and then when we finally get out there, the boys lasting 10 minutes and wanting to go inside. Bryson actually made it until we finished our snowman. Chad enjoyed the finishing touches from the Living Room window. I am so sad we didn't get Chad in the picture, because he was SO excited for our snowman!

Although we don't do a whole lot for St. Patricks Day, we decided a few activities would be lots of fun!

Bryson in his Leprechaun attire from School. 

Mommy decided Lucky Charms and "green" milk would be fun for breakfast. Since I don't buy much sugared cereal, I though it would be fun. However, Bryson only ate 1/2 the bowl and didn't want more, and Chad cried because I told him he had to at least try one bite. It was worth a try, right?

We thought since the boys did such a great job at the Cabin playing Just Dance 3, we would have them perform it on St. Patricks Day at our Ward Variety show! It was definitely everyone's favorite. Don't you love Adam's yellow shorts?

It has been so much fun watching my two boys grow. They are the best of friends and play so well together. They even are willing to take turns pushing each other around on Chad's bike. These are the moments I hope to never forget!

Every morning, the boys love to watch cartoons together. They love Curious George, and Cat in the Hat. They even love to scratch each other's back!

Mandy had a Relief Society Meeting she need to make a cake for. She was really excited how it turned out!

The Young Women in our ward were invited to sing in the General Young Women's meeting. All of the Young Women leaders decided to go and support them and check out City Creek that just opened. 

Little did we know that our picture would be on the front page of the Deseret News!

General Conference weekend started out with lots of fun. Friday night Adam decided to do our first movie night with the boys. Blankets, Popcorn, Treats and staying up late! They started to watch Tin Tin, but the boys got scared, so Cars 2 was the next choice. 
The boys loved every minute and even stayed up until 11:00! 

It was our turn on Saturday morning to help clean the church. Bryson and Chad loved helping.

For Saturday and Sunday sessions, we had the Rhoton Kids over because Tiff and Devin were in Virginia. We set out cups of candy, and each cup had a different word on it ... "Prophet, Scriptures, etc". Every time someone giving a talk said the word, then the kids could pick a piece of candy from that bucket. THEY LOVED IT! 

We even printed out lots of fun word searches, bingo games and coloring pages for the kids. They loved it!

March was a fun month with lots of little activities. We are really excited for spring and to enjoy the outdoors in the warmth!

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