Saturday, March 10, 2007

Welcome to Page

170 Miles from St. George, Utah
378 Miles from Salt Lake City, Utah
130 Miles from Flagstaff, AZ
274 Miles from Moab, Utah
110 Miles from the Grand Canyon
1 Mile from LAKE POWELL!

Yep, you've got it right! We are in the middle of NOWHERE! It has now been four weeks since we arrived in Page, and I thought that Adam, and I would start a family blog to give you an idea of what we have been up to.

So I bet you are wondering, what in the world are we doing in Page, Arizona?

Well, Adam got a job last May, with Okland Construction. They are a commercial construction company in Salt Lake City. We are building a resort near LAKE POWELL (on the borer of Utah & Arizona). It is an exclusive spa resort, meant for the VERY well to do. All we know is that it will be way out of our budget to ever get the chance to stay there! Adam is on the Management of the project and staying REALLY busy, but is enjoying his time on the site.

As for Mandy, she is working at home for American Crafts, still designing paper, ribbon, stickers, scrapbook pages for catalogs, & magazines. Basically trying to stay as busy as possible, so she doesn't think about home :) About once a week she goes to visit adam at the jobsite, and tries to not get in the way.

Each weekend we take a little little side trip to see areas around Page, and Lake Powell. Mandy's parents came a few weeks ago to see the new place and make sure we were "doing okay". Suzy sure was glad to see that we were in a nice neighborhood, and safe. What a relief to her...considering Mandy is the only child to have moved away from Utah County!

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weekends, taking hikes around lake powell, and exploring a few slot canyons.


Anonymous said...

Mandy! I'm so happy you finally wrote something, I was beginning to give up on your blog. We missed you at dinner on Thursday. Hope you are doing well. By the way the pictures you posted aren't showing up. Hmmm. TTYS!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are showing up now. Thanks. Hope to see some more soon.

Debbie said...

Hey, Mandy!
Wow-- you look WAY CUTE in a hardhat! :) he he he
What a fun blog! Great idea!!! Hey, if you ever need something to do (since I know you're just NEVER busy!!!) guys are always welcome to come down to Mesa! The heat's comin' on-- it's in the 90's already! Augh!!!
Hope you guys are likin' Page!
Love, Happiness & Sunshine,
Debbie :)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to be patient and wait to see new posts and picture. But please hurry!