Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Last couple of weeks!


Sorry it has taken me a week or so to update this. Adam and I have both been slammed with work assignments. Here is a little update of the last two weeks:

On March 10th, we decided to start our day with an exciting adventure to the Horseshoe bend. It is about 2 miles south of Page, and about a half mile hike (okay, walk but no one knows :) It was GORGIOUS!! I sat back about 5 feet the entire time and kept getting on adams case about getting too close to the edge, but once we started taking pictures, I loosened up a little! (Only two feet away from the edge :)

About two days after visiting the Horseshoe, I went and did my visiting teaching with my new companion and friend Kelly Hansen. I went to visit another gal named Kelly who does river tours and takes people through that bend. She told me that we could go and do a river tour for free any time we wanted! So Kelly Hansen, her husband Jared, me & Adam will be taking a river tour through the horseshoe bend in the next couple of weekends. We are SO excited!

This past weekend we went to St. George for a little vacation from Page. It was very needed and a lot of fun. We went with Adams Friend Trent to Olive Garden for dinner, then went and bought the movie "The Holiday" to watch on Adams laptop. PS, if you haven't seen this movie, its a GOTTA SEE! One of my favorites this year.

On Saturday we went to the St. George Temple to do a session. That was the first time I had done a session in that temple, and MAN was it BEAUTIFUL! A great start to the day. Following the temple Adam went with Trent golfing, and I got to go shopping! YEAH!!! SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN WALMART! Didn't buy a ton, but I have to say, it felt really nice to have my sun roof open, blasting my music, and shopping for the neccesities!

So on the way back from St. George we stopped in Kanab to visit with Adams older brother Sean, who was visiting with their kids for the weekend. He decided to take Sunday and come see our new place in Page. (only an hour away). He spent the whole day with us, eating dinner, and going on a tour of Page. We decided to go down to the new Antelope Marina to skip rocks and see really how cold the water was. WELL, I won't be waterskiing in it for another couple of months if that gives you an idea of how cold it was :)

Other than that, Adam and Mandy are keeping really busy with work. Poor Adam, worked about 12 hours today, and is asleep on my arm as we speak. He has to work on Utah time, since the job is in Utah, and live in Arizona time. So he gets up an hour earlier than normal, and now is getting home about the same time he got home before the time change. He also told me today that he will have to work for a few hours on Saturday. But really, it is like a little kid coming in from playing all day. He really does love his job and is enjoying building the resort.

As for me, I am working on a HUGE QVC assignment for work. Hopefully I can post a few of the pages within the coming days.

That is all as for tonight. We are finishing the GREAT American Idol...Can't say I am loving it this season, but still have a love for American Idol.

Drop a note to say hi and let us know what you are up to

Luff ya
Adam and Mandy


Suzanne said...

YAY! I'm so happy you did a new post. Looks like you're up to a lot of hard work but luckily you've done some fun stuff too. Keep in touch.

Granum Family said...

So fun! The pictures are beautiful... I miss Lake Powel!

Heather said...

Mandy! I love that you're blogging, it's the best way to stay in touch. And I'm diggin the bangw...you look great. Sounds like we just missed each other in St. George (did you know I grew up there?)