Friday, October 24, 2008

Time flies when your having fun!

Hey guys! We have been so busy, and sad to say haven't taken too many pictures! I am waiting to get my new camera ANY DAY! ... then there will be more pictures than you probably want to look at!

Seeing this picture makes you understand why I need a new camera! This is Bryson on Pin's and needles WAITING for BYU to get their rear in gear and actually give us a good football game. TOO bad they never followed through!

My parents came to visit the weekend of Oct 10-12. We didn't do too much other than visit Adam's job site. I think my parents were quite shocked of how modern the resort it. It is VERY different, but cool and unique in it's own crazy way. Adam has been going to work at 5 am and getting home at 6 pm every day! This schedule might kill him, either that or make more grey hairs grow :)

Bryson and I drove home with my parents to Orem so I could work for a week and they could hang out with their only grandchild that lives outside of Utah county. I went to Park City Wednesday night for a convention and ran SMACK DAB into Theron Anderson and Josh Gibbons. They are sales reps for Quickutz, who was putting on the convention. It was great to reminisce about high school. Some people just never change! They are as hilarious and awesome as they were in high school. I slept overnight, went to the outlet malls ... man I miss that, and headed home Wed. night after teaching classes. (check out my personal blog for more info!)

Thursday we had HUGE news! BRYSON CUT HIS FIRST TOOTH! YEAH!!!!! Now we are just waiting for tooth #2. Mommy and daddy are REALLY ready for a good night sleep again.

Thursday I had my first CK Photoshoot for the magazine. It looks like my first Article will come out January 2008!

Adam joined us Thursday night. We enjoyed the day together in Salt Lake all day Friday doing lots of activities such as: seeing our Life Insurance agent, going to Pine needles, going to Ikea & Cabellas (Bryson's favorite) and even eating at our favorite Asian diner ... Pei Wei's! Adam joined my dad and brother at Riverside Country Club to do a little golfing on Saturday, while me, Bryson, and my mom went shopping!

After a week of being away I was ready to be back in my little house and some sort of schedule again, but as we were getting ready to pull away to go home, both of my parents were in tears, having to watch us go! MAN is it hard to live away and not get to watch Bryson grow. We sure are excited to someday go back to Utah.

This week hasn't had too much to report on. We do have the fall festival this weekend in Page, so I will be sure to post AND take pictures! Until then ... have a good one!


Mia said...

A Fall Festival in Page! It is the event of the century! Everyone must go and we must see the pictures from such an event! Ah, I'm just teasing. I am sure it will be wonderful. Will Fiesta Mexicana be there to serve you up some yummy NEW recipes?

I guess I forgot you are the only members of the Dudley family to not live in Utah County. How sad for your parents. Maybe you'll be back someday?

Jana said...

Looks like you are doing well. That is funny you ran into Theron and Josh, they are great! Bryson is a cutie.