Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What we have been up to!

Last weekend we went with our friends Brock and Krista to an awesome restaurant we haven't tried. It tends to be on the higher priced restaurants in Page, and who wants to spend more money when you have Fiesta Mexicana (Okay, that is Adam's philosophy ... Mandy believes differently and can barely choke down Fiesta Mexicana anymore).

It is called "The Point Restaurant" at Antelope Point Marina on Lake Powell. It is a floating restaurant and so you have to take a golf cart down to the Marina and they drop you off. We had the Prime Rib and it was SO good! The service wasn't great but it's because it is the off season. COME BACK TOURISTS!!!!!!

Bryson came with and we even dressed him in his new outfit ... Doesn't he just look like a little man! He was such a good boy and behaved the entire time!

On Saturday we went down to the Lake for the annual Scout Cardboard boat races. WHAT A RIOT! These boys get into this kind of thing big time! Adam however "helped" by driving around the Wave runner to make sure no boys drowned. We then went out to Adam's job site. It is coming along, but there are lots of hold ups because it is so remote! We are just looking forward to the finished product!

Last but not least, YEP got set apart as YW president this week ... The girls are EXTRA special, but I am extremely overwhelmed. We told them we may only be here another year at the most, but they still wanted to call me. SO if anyone has great ideas, please feel free to pass them along!
Hope you are all well!

PS ... I do update my new blog more frequently, so for all you complainers ... come on over. I will post different things on this blog, including more of the creativity side of what I do each day!


Seattle Momma said...

YW Pres!!! Oh, my GOSH!! When it rains it pours, eh? You're not in need of a girls day are you? lol...come on up to WA! :)

Tai said...

Wow I guess you totally have your plate full right now! I know why they called you because you will be great!! YW need amazing people like you to look up to and to realize that being good can be rewarding and great!!

Birrell Family said...

Hey Mandy,
Email or call anytime about Y/W. We have loads of ideas... it comes with 5 daughters :) Sure love you! Brenda

Horst said...

go YW pres. major time commitment, but you will rock the calling.
your baby is so sugarlicious!
kt roberts

Jules said...

look at you!! yw pres! (good luck with that...) j/k it will probably be amazing! Bryson is getting so big! that little shirt is so cute!


I know I talked to you a few weeks ago when you first were called and I'm still so excited for you! The YW program is so vital for those girls and it feels overwhelming to make a good impression at such a pivotal point in their lives, but I felt the hand of the Lord so clearly and strongly when I was in YW, he will not let you slip up, besides you rock at everything you do! I know you will be awsome! Put your own flavor into it that's why the Lord called you and not someone else you have what they need right now. Those girls are lucky to have you! There are tons of websites out there like and others that help with YW ideas that saved my bacon many times!! I just love your guts and can't wait to see you sometime this me when your around!!

Krissa Allen said...

YW president Really? that is awesome! You are going to be one busy girl:) Call me!

Heather Ballard said...

Of course you are young women's president. That is the perfect job for you.

Robertson Family said...

That restaurant looks nice. These are all such cute pictures of you and your boys! And you will be awesome at being YW president! You really will!