Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adam's 30th Birthday

We had a great celebration for Adam's 30th Birthday. It was on June 1st and me and Bryson decided to throw him a surprise Birthday party. I am SO excited that it really ended up surprising him!

First, on my other blog you will see that I sent out a little invite ... and for those who could not attend the actual party, I had them write a card to Adam about a special memory or something they enjoy about Adam. I put together a little book of Adam's life ... also included on my other blog ... and gave it to him at the party. Thanks to everyone who helped out with that.

Here is how the day's events came together:
I woke up early and made the famous Douglass Family Texas sheet cake. Then Adam came into town, a rare occasion, to go to lunch with Bryson and I. We went to Slackers (Which is an INCREDIBLE burger joint in Page). Following lunch, Bryson and I ran errands, picking up 30 black balloons, getting birthday cakes, and dropping everything off at our friends' house so they could help me decorate for the party that night.

Adam's Parents and brother with his family came to Page from Kanab to celebrate with us. Adam just thought he was going to dinner. We went to Adam's FAVORITE restaurant, Fiesta Mexicana, and then back to our house ... where a babysitter was waiting. She put Bryson to bed and I blindfolded Adam. We headed to this GREAT pavilion that is located behind our church ... where our closest family friends and even two of Adam's co-workers were waiting. We enjoyed opening presents, and eating lots of cake and ice cream. What a great event!

Happy Birthday Adam ... I love you and don't know what my life would be without you! Here's to 30 years!


Jana said...

The big "30"! Happy birthday Adam, we hope it was a great one.

Camille said...

Welcome to the 30's Adam. :)

David and Jaycee said...

Happy birthday Adam! I need more pics of your boys!

Robertson Family said...

What a great birthday! Kurt recently hit 30 too. Crazy to think we are just around the bend, huh Mandy!? So have you guys moved up here yet???

Kari Ann said...

Looks like fun! Happy Birhtday! It was so good to see you at the reunion Mandy!