Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're Back

So sorry for the delay in posting. So much has gone on the last little while in our family and it was time for us to take a little break from something and it just happened that our blog was the one that took the break.

First ... We moved! Yep, we live back in Highland Utah. I will have to post pictures later when I actually take pictures of the outside of the house. We are just renting for the time being until we are a little more sure of our situation.

Adam has been working a lot but loves spending any extra time with his two boys! For a few weeks after moving he commuted back and forth from highland to Page (5 1/2 hours one way) and now finally is here permanently! He finished the resort in Southern Utah and is now on the City Creek project in Salt Lake city. He is building an 11 story tower and over Quality control. The job responsibilities are very different than what he was doing on the resort, and the commute isn't what you would call ideal, but he seems to be enjoying something new. This building will be finished sometime early next year. He is applying to University of Utah to work on an MBA starting next fall. We are waiting back to hear and hope our plan for him to continue working for Okland construction and go to school will work out.

Mandy is still adjusting the whole "two kid" thing. Two this close together in age has been challenging, but also has been really fun. She is still working for American Crafts designing class projects and samples, as well as working for Creating Keepsakes Magazine writing articles and contributing samples pages. Most of you are aware, but she has been struggling with some health issues. She has been diagnosed with a disease called NMO. So far the only effect has been the complete loss of eye site in her right eye. She is hoping nothing else will occur, but we are just living each day to it's fullest and trying to get through this trial the best we can.

Bryson is just becoming our little man. He was a Chef for Halloween and was known as our little "Pepe". Most 20 month old kids would squirm tear off a hat of any sort. Bryson is the exception. He LOVED the chef hat. He also loved trick-or-treating with his cousin Jace. He is finally starting to say a new word every day, and really expresses himself with excitement by saying WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! That means there is either a truck or a dog. He is hysterical and has more personality in his little finger than Adam and Mandy combined! He got his first REAL salon hair cut and looks so handsome!

Chad is now almost 6 months! Can you believe how time flies? He has been such a happy baby and slept through the night at 8 weeks. He now plays with toys and loves to smile at Bryson when he isn't being attacked. We're waiting for him to roll over anytime. He was a lobster for Halloween and was the cutest lobster you have ever seen.

There is so much more that we have done in the past few months but thought we would just post the pictures for now. Hope you enjoy them and are doing well!
Bryson's first time riding a horse at the Utah State Fair
The Pumpkin Patch on Halloween
Playing at the park in Highland
Photos from arriving in Page with no kids, and leaving Page with two!
Packed and leaving our home
This was our last night in Page, playing games with our friends. We sure miss them a ton!


Jules said...

love all the pictures! your boys are getting so big--the last time I saw Chad he was tiny! so, so cute.
I love the Arizona picture--coming and going.
2 kids that close are hard, and I think I freaked you out when you asked me if it gets better at your mom's house--I think I was having a hard day. :) It gets better--they can play together and they learn to share a lot easier than kids with siblings farther apart. (in my opinion)
love ya, and keep the posts and pictures coming.

Krissa Allen said...

Seriously so cute! I am glad that you updated:) We need to go out again.

Jana said...

Good to see you are back to blogging. It is too hard to keep up living so far away. I will be home from Dec. 9th-Jan. 27th. Brad will be doing interviews. We need to get together sometime. I hope you are feeling well. Your boys are so darling! Miss you!

Kelly said...

I got all teary-eyed at the picture of us girls, we truely miss those days!!

Bec, Tim and Boys said...

Hey Mandy,
I think of you all the time. I LOVED your adorable Christmas Card. Your boys are soooo cute! How is your eye? I will keep you in your prayers. Hopefully you will gain a full recovery. We miss you guys and wish we lived closer! At least we are both in Utah now! :)