Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fabulous week!

It started off with the "local wildlife" out at the jobsite. Here are some pictures Adam took this week!
Thelma & Louise

Leonard & Lucy the lizard. Leonard was dancing for Lucy. Adam thought he better take the picture before more happened...

Stewart the Snake

We found another type of wildlife this weekend. The Blomquists came to visit. It looks like our families are really starting to like the fact that we live at Lake Powell. Two siblings in two weeks! It has been so much fun. We sure had a great time at the lake with them, and had two fun nights at our apartment. It was like a giant slumber party. Here are some more pictures of the lake.

Me & Adam

Adams first time wake surfing. He was awesome!

This is of me and Marney. Who said two girls can't be tough!

Marney & Jackson

Erik, Jared (left) Justin (right)

Jared & Justin

Jackson (otherwise known as Gackus)

Hope you enjoyed our photos! I am sure there will be more photos of Lake Powell to come. Have a great week!


Heather said...

(sigh) I miss the lake. I miss boats too. wake surfing is awesome too!

ZLB said...

cute! (birds, lizards, mandy & adam, nephews!) Looks like you are living the life down there mand! your nephew jackson looks JUST like grampa dudley! love ya!

Suzanne said...

Looks like lots of fun in the sun with the fam!

Mia said...

You are turning into Lake lovers! You will miss Page when you move, more than you know, I am sure! Looks like fun! We'll have to come sometime. Oh, Ikea is opening this week. People are already camped out, so I'd maybe wait for a while. And I am upset at you for posting the picture of the snake! I can't look at your blog anymore until you get rid of it (j/k). I HATE SNAKES!!

Granum Family said...

So fun! I'm so glad you are having lots of visitors!

Caroline said...

Hey Mandy--

I found your blog on Suzannes. Glad things are going well down there.
I'm jealous you live so close to lake powell... such a fun place.
I actually spend a part of my birthday in Paige once at the wal-mart with heather and heidi when we were down there at lake powell.. good times!
You probably love getting out on the lake, I remember you water skiing at bear lake that one time.. you rock!

elizabeth kartchner said...

Hey mandy it's Elizabeth.
Pebbles Friend;)
How are you???
So fun to read a little about you.

Keep in touch!!

Did some stuff for AC again.
Put in a good word for me;))))