Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Our week in Utah!

Thats right, we spent an entire week in Utah. We were going to leave on Wednesday to come up, but Adam had some meetings he had to be to on Tuesday and Wednesday. It worked out perfect. While I was in my meetings for work on Thursday and Friday, Adam flew in the corporate jet back down to Page for an 'on site' meeting. Then he few back that same afternoon. We sure wish traveling back and forth from Page to Salt Lake was that easy all the time. He is SO picked on! Wait a minute! Who is flying that plane anyway?

Can you believe that it has almost been three months since we had been back to Provo. I feel bad we didn't get to see everyone we wanted to. I guess we will just have to come back up to visit! Either that or you guys can plan a dream vacation to Lake Powell! On Friday Adam got to attend his oldest brothers graduation from the U. (GO COUGARS!!) WAY TO GO SEAN!

We also got to attend my nephew Jacob's Baptism. The whole family came. It was such a great meeting and the spirit was very strong. We are excited for his great decision to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Here is a picture of my family after the baptism. We didn't get everyone, but it is of most of us dudley kids and our spouses.

Other than that, we spent some time with Adam's family since they were up for the graduation. It was tiring running back and forth between the two families, but it was fun to see everyone in one weekend. We sure did eat WAY too much food. You gotta get to every restaurant you can while you are there. We only have 2 to choose from in Page. I think we are going to have to diet for the next week to get rid of the pounds we gained.

This next week Sean and Sara come to the Lake. We are excited to spend time with them before they move to Seattle for Seans Masters program.

We were glad to take some time away from Page, but it was nice to come back to our "space" (Can't seem to call it home yet). It was so good to see the family and come home for a few days. Miss you all!

Adam and Mandy


Mia said...

Adam flying the plane was HILARIOUS!! You are so funny to do that. By the way, I think it will be just Doug and I driving to Phoenix, so we may take you up on crashing at your "space", but only if you can guarantee no cochroaches :) Just kiddin!

Heather said...

Corporate Jet! Awesome! Nice job with the picture, heh heh. Family-time-sharing is hard for sure.

Granum Family said...

It's always so fun to go home! And corporate jet... rough life :)

Brady and Karen said...

Did you two make sure to eat at Burger Supreme while you were there?

Douglass Family said...

No Burger Supreme, but we did get in Carrabas, Pizza Factory, Los Hermanos, Chili's, Taco Time, Taco Bell, Sensuous Sandwich, Wendy's ... can you say we need to go on a diet? YUCK!